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363,584,435: Population 2030

» Outlook | Census Bureau projections suggest that this will be the population of the United States in July 2030. It is a 29.2 percent increase over April 2000, when the census counted 281,421,906 residents. What will this change mean for the country? Outlook asked six observers to comment. More Sunday Outlook

D.C. By the Sea
Our Shrinking Home Territory

The End of Plenty
Be Resourceful With Resources

Drawing Boards
Building With No Blueprint

Concrete Future
All Paved Over, No Place to Go

The Age of the Aged
When Experience Really Counts

Tuned In
Breaking Racial Sound Barriers

Featured Opinions

2005: A Year of Turbulence


David S. Broder


| What a year that was -- 2005! It's surely a year that George Bush is glad to see past, since his path politically was mostly downhill from Inauguration Day onward. The president was still standing at year's end, but no longer were Democrats intimidated by him and no longer were Republicans in...

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2006: A Pivot for History?


Jim Hoagland


| Decisive leaders make history before history turns around to unmake them. New Year's 2006 finds once again -- as Adam said to Eve on leaving the Garden of Eden -- that we live in a time of transition.

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Breaking Racial Sound Barriers (Jan. 1, 2006; Page B03)
Building a Future Without a Blueprint (Jan. 1, 2006; Page B02)
When Experience Will Really Count (Jan. 1, 2006; Page B03)
Our Shrinking Home Territory (By Joel Garreau, Jan. 1, 2006; Page B02)
All Paved Over With No Place to Go (Jan. 1, 2006; Page B03)
Getting Resourceful About Resources (Jan. 1, 2006; Page B02)
The New Year (Editorial, Jan. 1, 2006; Page B06)
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