When Politics Defeats Science


Susan F. Wood


| It's hard to see why rape victims can't buy "morning after" emergency contraception over the counter -- and harder to see why the FDA doesn't pay attention to science.

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Tolerating the Intolerable


Anne Applebaum


| In a world where imams issue fatwas against cartoonists and mosques are bombed, it's becoming harder for many to see the value of unrestrained and deeply offensive free speech.

Good Nukes, Bad Nukes


David Ignatius


| Until Iran starts to behave more like India, we should all learn to live with a nuclear policy that says yes to India and no to Iran.

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The Next Big Spenders


Robert J. Samuelson


| America may be close to a critical economic juncture where America's consumers relinquish their role as "locomotive" for the rest of the world. But there's one plausible path from today's unsustainable trade imbalances to a more stable future.

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Which Iraq?


Confederate Yankee


| Hammorabi fears Iraq is burning, heading for a civil war. Omar hears "a big bang," knows he won't be leaving for work, settles back on the couch, and quickly becomes riveted by the Saddam Hussein trial. Two Iraqis, vastly different...

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