Oscars for Osama


Charles Krauthammer


| Osama Bin Laden could not have scripted "Syriana" any better than its anti-American creators.

 TOPIC: Culture

This Is 'Fully Prepared'?


Eugene Robinson


| A CEO who isolates himself from bad news is one thing. The president hears bad news and then plays it back as "heck of a job."

The Big Truth


Confederate Yankee


| It took until the seventh paragraph, but Washington Post reporters Peter Baker and Spencer S. Hsu uncovered the Big Truth about the AP's newly released Hurricane Katrina meeting video: In its substance, the video reveals nothing that was not already...

 Posted at 7:26 a.m. ET, 3/3/06
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Hollywood's Wars


David Ignatius


| The Iraq war movies will come in time. But this year's best picture nominees are fighting the culture wars over race and gender.

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Rob Reiner: Ceaseless in California


E. J. Dionne Jr.


| After many years of trying, Meathead might yet persuade Archie Bunker to give liberals a second look, at least when it comes to preschool programs.

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