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National Museum of American History Set to Reopen

After two years and $85-million, the home of the Star-Spangled Banner, Dorothy's ruby slippers and Julia Child's kitchen once again opens to the public on Friday.

The View from the Mall Entrance   |   A Look at the Star-Spangled Banner

Panoramas: A Look Inside the Revamped Museum of American History

The View from the Mall Entrance: Among the striking additions to the museum are added windows and a skylight for a new, brighter feel, plus a 40- by 19-foot abstract respresentation of the American flag consisting of 960 reflective, moving tiles.

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Panorama | A Look at the Star-Spangled Banner: The flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's poem-turned-national anthem has its own exhibit space with dim lighting that is good for the nearly 200-year-old artifact and serves as a more accurate representation of seeing the flag in "the dawn's early light."

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