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This photo released on Thursday, March 10, 2011 provided by Wladyslaw Zuchowski, is believed to show the 19th century composer Frederic Chopin just after his death in 1849. Chopin experts are trying to determine whether a photo that has surfaced in Poland is really of the 19th century composer. If authentic, it would be only the third known photograph of Frederic Chopin, who lived from 1810-1849. Wladyslaw Zuchowski, a photographer and gallery owner in Gdansk, said Thursday that he bought the daguerreotype, the earliest type of photograph, from a private owner in Scotland. The framed copper and silver image bears the date 1849, when Chopin died in Paris, and the stamp of Louis Auguste Bisson, a French photographer who took another photograph of Chopin. (AP Photo Wladyslaw Zuchowski Archive) POLAND OUT NO SALES, NO ARCHIVE. PHOTO TO BE USED ONLY TO ILLUSTRATE AP STORY - POLAND CHOPIN PHOTO
camera works Photo Credit: AP Photo