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One year after Hurricane Katrina, residents of the Gulf Coast remember the victims and survivors of the deadly storm that claimed the lives of approximately 1,600 people.


Child of the Flood

The images in this gallery are from 'Child of the Flood', an upcoming documentary novel with photographs by Washington Post staff photographer Michael Williamson. Follow the cross-country trek from post-Katrina New Orleans to California.

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From Katrina, a Lively Healing Place

Vincent's City Club, once a lively nightspot on the east side of New Orleans, was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. Owners Henry Augustus and Vincent Butler reopened the club in Baton Rouge.



A Tale of Two Blocks

Disparities in wealth and in the distance of evacuees from their ruined houses are dictating, in many cases, which neighborhoods will be part of New Orleans's future and which will be consigned to its history.



New Orleans Levees Under Repair

The cost for repairs to Louisiana's levee system -- heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina -- has ballooned to nearly $10 billion. The Bush administration announced in late March that there was not enough federal funding available to protect some areas of southern Louisiana that may lie in the path of future storms.



President Bush Volunteers in Gulf

President George W. Bush helps out in New Orleans. Back in Washington, Senate leaders have rejected the usefulness of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in its current form after a committee hearing revealed the agency is not adequately prepared for the hurricane season that begins in 34 days.



Florida Braces for Wilma

After lashing Mexico's Cancun region with 135-mph winds, Hurricane Wilma turned to the northeast, gathered speed and was barreling toward Florida, where residents took shelter after days of nervous anticipation and emergency preparedness leaders made last-minute pleas to those who resisted mandatory evacuation orders



A Tale of Two Blocks

The dichotomy between the working-class on Delery Street in the the Lower Ninth Ward and the affluent families of Memphis Street in the Lakeview community is told through two displaced families now living in Houston after Hurricane Katrina.



Preserving New Orleans Jazz

At a recent performance in Easton, Md., Preservation Hall Jazz Band pianist Rickie Monie and Bassist Ben Jaffe, also the band's director, talk about surviving Hurricane Katrina's aftermath and keeping the music of New Orleans alive.



Jazzman's Return to New Orleans

Donald Harrison, an alto saxophonist, fled to Baton Rouge, La., with his family after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.



French Quarter Bounces Back

While most of New Orleans remains a ghost town, the French Quarter is slowly coming back to life. On Bourbon Street, locals mingle with police, relief workers, military and the press.



Back to School in La.

Across schools in Jefferson Parish, New Orleans's most populous suburb, students return to school.



California Paramedics Make a Difference in the French Quarter

The paramedics and EMTs from Yuba City, Calif., traveled to the French Quarter in New Orleans with one mission: to help residents in any way they could.



Scraping Away the Lower Ninth

The post-hurricane debate over resuscitating a New Orleans neighborhood will test this city's mettle and is sure to expose tensions over race, poverty and political power.



The Journey Home

Follow Todd Larche on his journey home to confront the destruction Hurricane Katrina left behind and to try to salvage what he can for his family.



Local Relief

They say all politics is local, and in hurricane-devastated southern Vermilion Parish, there's a whole lot of truth to that.



Much Work Left in Rita's Wake

Residents of towns along the Texas-Louisiana border begin to assess and clean up from the devastating storm.



Recovery and Ruin on the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast continues its recovery efforts after being hit by two Hurricanes in less than a month.



In Rita's Wake

Officials continued rescue operations for residents cut off by Hurricane Rita's flooding while evacuated citizens clamored to be allowed back to their homes.




Devastation at the 'End of the World'

To reach 'end-of-the-world Louisiana' one goes down, past New Orleans's silent neighborhoods, through ruined St. Bernard Parish and down even deeper, into the bayous of Plaquemines Parish. Down to Davant. Except now it's unclear what is and is not Davant.



Rita's Aftermath

Rescue teams searched for people stranded by floodwaters Sunday as residents of coastal communities in Texas and Louisiana began clearing away debris left by Hurricane Rita and authorities cautioned those who evacuated against returning too soon.



Ninth Ward Suffers Rita's Tidal Surges

Water gushing over makeshift levees swallowing up small cars, front steps and patches of Interstate 10, flooding New Orleans as it did nearly one month ago.



Hurricane Rita Tears Through Lake Charles, La.

Many residences and businesses surrounding Lake Charles suffered severe damage as Hurricane Rita swept through southwestern Louisiana on Saturday.



Hurricane Rita Strikes Florida Keys

Hurricane Rita slapped at Key West on Tuesday before strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the Gulf Coast, communities were evacuated in anticipation of what Thursday night was rated a Category 4 hurricane.



Fleeing Rita's Path in Texas

A day before Hurricane Rita's expected landfall, evacuees in southeast Texas formed the final wave of one of the largest peacetime evacuations in U.S. history.



Hurricane Rita Comes Ashore

Hurricane Rita, packing 120-mph winds and torrential rains, bulldozed up the Texas-Louisiana corridor Saturday, leaving scarred countryside and mugged towns in its wake, but causing less damage than feared.



A Day of Contradictions

Newly returned residents of New Orleans are ordered to evacuate their city again in the face of an oncoming storm while people throughout the Gulf area work to recover from Hurricane Katrina.



Forgotten in Slidell

Ben Morris, the mayor Slidell, La., is trying to get his community back on its feet, pleading for FEMA to bring relief to many of the area's 115,000 residents.


GALLERY: SEPT. 19, 2005

Picking Up Where Katrina Left Off

Throughout the New Orleans area, those affected attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives left scattered in Hurricane Katrina's wake.


GALLERY: SEPT. 19, 2005

Wedding Bells Chime Amid Evacuees

Keishona Frazier and Robbie Roby, who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina plan and celebrate their wedding at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Gonzales, La.


GALLERY: SEPT. 18, 2005

Mourning Grady Samuels

Hundreds of friends and relatives turned out Saturday for the funeral of Grady Samuels, 82, who died in a Baton Rouge, La., shelter housing hurricane victims.


GALLERY: SEPT. 18, 2005

Mobile Hospital a Lifesaver in Mississippi

Hartford County, Miss., has a new mobile hospital MED - 1 clinic to help tend to the injured and ailing.


GALLERY: SEPT. 18, 2005

Animal Rescue Continues in Battered Areas

Aid workers in Mississippi and Louisiana rescued pets separated from owners.


GALLERY: SEPT. 17, 2005

Rebounding from Katrina

Despite questions as to whether residents can return soon to parts of New Orleans, the cleanup continues along the Gulf Coast.


GALLERY: SEPT. 17, 2005

Coming Home to A Different Struggle

Sgt. Jemal Foster survived Iraq and had plans to buy a new house, a big-screen television and settle into a life that didn't involve toting a gun or watching his back every second. But the floodwater changed all that, forcing him to rethink his life.


GALLERY: SEPT. 16, 2005

Amid Prayers, Cleanup Continues

Americans observed a national day of prayer and remembrance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina Friday, while clean-up crews began removing debris from New Orleans' battered streets.


GALLERY: SEPT. 16, 2005

President Vows to Rebuild Gulf Coast

President Bush calls for the rebuilding of the Gulf coast from the heart of the Hurricane Katrina disaster zone.


GALLERY: SEPT. 15, 2005

Floods' Pollutants Being Tested for Toxicity

Initial environmental testing of residue left by Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters begins in New Orleans and surrounding parishes.


GALLERY: SEPT. 14, 2005

Waiting for a Rescue

Pets are part of the ongoing evacuation even two weeks after Hurricane Katrina.


GALLERY: SEPT. 14, 2005

Restoration and Recovery

Amid the debris and restoration efforts, some Gulf Coast residents are moving forward after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.


GALLERY: SEPT. 14, 2005

Coast's Homeless

Throughout Mississippi residents are without homes because of Hurricane Katrina. Hundreds of thousands of evacuees remain in Red Cross shelters or temporary housing across the coast.


GALLERY: SEPT. 12, 2005

Breaking Down

Rescue efforts and clean-up continue two weeks after the deadly Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast region.


GALLERY: SEPT. 11, 2005

Honore Takes Charge

As leader of the Joint Task Force Katrina, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore commands all active duty troops devoted to the storm recovery operation.


VIDEO: SEPT. 8, 2005

Living in the French Quarter: Damian Tenhaaf

Damian Tenhaaf lives temporarly in a restaurant with his mother and her boyfriend, who owns the establishment in the French Quarter. Their houses are located in a flooded area of the city. They didn't prepare to stay for so long in the restaurant and are running out of water and clean clothes. Water and electricity have not been restored to New Orleans and because of this Damian searches the city for provisions that will allow them to stay in the French Quarter.


GALLERY: SEPT. 11, 2005

Two Messages

While New Home Ministries and First Assembly of God Pentecostal church are less than two miles from each other in this suburban town 30 minutes east of New Orleans, their perspective of the situation couldn't be further apart.


GALLERY: SEPT. 10, 2005

Starting Over in Seguin

Approximately 100 Hurricane Katrina evacuees have fled to Seguin, Texas, a town located 35 miles east of San Antonio. Almost half of them have decided to stay, including 24 members of a New Orleans family.


GALLERY: SEPT. 9, 2005

Scenes From Katrina's Aftermath

Displaced residents, government and military officials, and volunteer workers come to terms with the devastation and loss 10 days after Hurricane Katrina.


VIDEO: SEPT. 9, 2005

More Pressure on Residents to Leave New Orleans

With mandatory evacuations looming, authorities stepped up pressure on residents to get out before force is used.


GALLERY: SEPT. 8, 2005

In Katrina's Wake

Nine days after the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history, authorities seek to evacuate remaining survivors, assist the displaced and locate the dead.


GALLERY: SEPT. 9, 2005

Stuck Inside Biloxi

Their shrimp boats swamped and homes damaged, the Vietnamese of southern Mississippi find solace in family, friends and patches of dry land.


VIDEO: SEPT. 8, 2005

Living in Flooded New Orleans

As authorities begin forced evacuations, many residents in New Orleans continue to live in flooded houses.


GALLERY: SEPT. 8, 2005

A New Home And No Room in the Fridge

Rev. Ron Libby and his wife Linda have opened their Germantown home to eleven evacuees from a sister church in Chalmette, La.


VIDEO: SEPT. 8, 2005

Search and Rescue in the Ninth Ward

Search-and-rescue officers from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources scour a neighborhood in northeast New Orleans.


GALLERY: SEPT. 8, 2005

The Lower Ninth Faces Katrina's Worst

Survivors of Hurricane Katrina in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans hide from authorities, trying to stay in their homes despite ruinous floodwaters.


GALLERY: SEPT. 7, 2005

Relief Far From Over

The once grand city of New Orleans is a wreck following Hurricane Katrina and volunteers and politicians attempt to restore hope.


GALLERY: SEPT. 6, 2005

Hundreds of Storm Survivors Arrive in Capital

One by one, the New Orleans survivors of Hurricane Katrina arrived in Washington yesterday, welcomed with smiles and applause from emergency workers and District leaders.


GALLERY: SEPT. 6, 2005

Torn Between Relief and Despair

Sixteen members of Chonya Davis-Johnson's extended family from New Orleans arrive safely at her Laurel home, after fleeing chaos created by Hurricane Katrina, but still missing other family members.


GALLERY: SEPT. 6, 2005

Aiding Survivors, Counting the Dead After Katrina

More than a week after Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf Coast, survivors struggle to come to terms with the disaster and find help to keep going.


GALLERY: SEPT. 6, 2005

At This Hotel, No Checkout Time

A battered motel in New Orleans's eastern reaches is the post-hurricane home to more than 50 people who fled the high water.


VIDEO: SEPT. 6, 2005

Returning to Jefferson Parish

For the first time since Hurricane Katrina, authorities allowed residents of the New Orleans suburb of Jefferson Parish to return briefly to their homes. Like other area residents, Shaun Wilkerson spent the day cleaning up damage from the floodwaters and collecting essentials to leave again -- most of the parish still flooded and without water or electricity.


GALLERY: SEPT. 5, 2005

Struggling for Life

Life goes on in the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast: Rescuers continue to search for those they can help and survivors try to find inner strength and the will to play.


VIDEO: SEPT. 5, 2005

D.C. Armory Prepares to Receive Evacuees

Linda C. Mathes, CEO of the American Red Cross National Capitol Area, is coordinating efforts to house and care for at least 400 evacuees who are due to arrive at the DC Armory sometime this week.


GALLERY: SEPT. 5, 2005

A Sheltered Life

For the time being, the Larose Civic Center in Louisiana is home to those from New Orleans who have lost theirs, offering all the essentials from a cot to a comforting hug.


GALLERY: SEPT. 4, 2005

Search and Rescue

 Rescuers return to see if the hurricane's survivors still in New Orleans had changed their minds about leaving.


GALLERY: SEPT. 3, 2005

Lending a Hand to Neighbors in Need

Donaldsonville La.residents have come together to house the now-homeless from elsewhere.


GALLERY: SEPT. 3, 2005

Shattered Lives in Mississippi

The terrible destruction of the storm surge produced by Hurricane Katrina is evident throughout Mississippi, from Pascagoula to Waveland, taking its toll in loss of life and property damage.


VIDEO: SEPT. 2, 2005

Fixing Missed Connections in New Orleans

Elizabeth Nealy volunteers at a field hospital inside the terminal of Louis Armstrong International Airport, helping families reconnect. The MASH unit was set up by FEMA to care for the thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina.


GALLERY: SEPT. 3, 2005

Troops Aid Evacuation Efforts

Evacuation efforts get underway at the Convention Center in New Orleans an thousands of National Guard troops try to bring relief aid to desperate Gulf Coast residents left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.


GALLERY: SEPT. 2, 2005

Growing Despair Amid the Ruins

Federal, state and local officials struggled to provide relief to New Orleans from effects of Hurricane Katrina.


VIDEO: SEPT. 2, 2005

Shelter Voices

At the Port Allen Community Center in Baton Rouge, some 400 evacuees have found shelter from the rising water and violence in New Orleans.


VIDEO: SEPT. 2, 2005

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Lends Hand

Mike McCarty, assistant chief of Montgomery County Urban Fire and Rescue, assesses the damage done by Hurricane Katrina in Miss.


GALLERY: SEPT. 3, 2005

Mobilizing Medicine, Meals and Muscle

Soldiers, sailors, and medical personnel ready for deployment to the Gulf region.


VIDEO: SEPT. 1, 2005

Surviving War, Then Katrina

More than 400 veterans were evacuated from the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina flooded the building on Monday. About 250 veterans of World War II and the Korean War arrived in Washington by bus and were welcomed by cheering supporters at the District's Armed Forces Retirement Home on Thursday.


GALLERY: SEPT. 1, 2005

Chaos Hampers Relief Efforts

Relief supplies and National Guard troops move into New Orleans and other areas of the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Katrina. However, continuing incidents of chaos and violence, including shots being fired near the Superdome, have slowed efforts to move people housed there to Houston's Astrodome.


GALLERY: AUG. 31, 2005

Floods Ravage New Orleans

Two burst levees allow Lake Ponchartrain to inundate New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


VIDEO: AUG. 31, 2005

Biloxi Takes Stock of What Remains

Residents of this coastal town in southern Mississippi began the difficult task of putting their homes and lives back together after Hurricane Katrina.
Video: Assessing Damage Near Mobile


GALLERY: AUG. 31, 2005

Katrina Devastates Coast

Hurricane Katrina's 145-mph winds and a 25-foot storm surge left catastrophic damage along the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. Local officials have put the initial estimated death toll at 110, but they fear more bodies will be discovered among the debris left by the storm.


GALLERY: AUG. 30, 2005

Rescued from Hurricane Katrina's Wrath

As Hurricane Katrina pounds the Gulf Coast Monday, hundreds of people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are rescued from floodwaters driven by coastal storm surges, rain and wind.


GALLERY: AUG. 30, 2005

Katrina's Aftermath

Katrina barreled into the Gulf Coast on Monday morning, cutting a 125-mile swath of destruction between coastal Alabama and the French Quarter in New Orleans.


GALLERY: AUG. 29, 2005

Katrina Strikes

Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast on Monday morning.


GALLERY: AUG. 29, 2005

Views of Katrina

Satellite and radar images of Hurricane Katrina as it bears towards the Gulf Coast.


GALLERY: AUG. 28, 2005

Katrina Bears Down on Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina, one of the strongest storms ever to threaten the United States, carved a path toward the Gulf Coast, packing 165-mph winds and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of residents of New Orleans and the region.