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Colorado Democrats Bennet and Romanoff wage nasty, personal Senate battle:  Challenger's aggressive campaign pays off with lead in Senate primary (Post, August 7, 2010)

Democrats invoke Bush to get support from voters for midterm elections (Post, August 6, 2010; 5:08 PM)

Senate confirms Elena Kagan's nomination to Supreme Court:  4th WOMAN JOINS COURT IN 63-37 VOTE
She is unlikely to shift the ideology of the bench
(Post, August 6, 2010)

After one-on-one with Obama, McConnell vows to slow White House agenda (Post, August 5, 2010; 3:57 PM)

Senate approves jobs bill to stop teacher layoffs (Post, August 5, 2010; 1:05 PM)

Geithner says GOP wrong, ending tax cuts for wealthy won't hurt small business (Post, August 5, 2010)

Obama travels to Illinois to help Alexi Giannoulias in Senate race:  Obama travels back home to help Democrat seeking his old Senate seat (Post, August 5, 2010)

Missouri vote cited as proof that public dislikes health-care overhaul:  COVERAGE MANDATE REJECTED AT POLLS
Referendum cited as proof that public dislikes overhaul
(Post, August 5, 2010)

GM donates $41,000 to lawmakers' pet projects (Post, August 5, 2010)

GAO: 15 for-profit colleges used deceptive recruiting tactics (Post, August 5, 2010)

Aid package aimed at saving state jobs passes key hurdle in Senate:  Two Republicans back package aimed at preventing widespread teacher layoffs (Post, August 5, 2010)

Michigan chooses candidates for governor; Missouri Senate race shapes up:  In Missouri, Rep. Blunt wins GOP nod in race for Bond's open seat (Post, August 4, 2010)

Vote on New START nuclear arms treaty delayed in Senate:  KERRY DELAYS 'START' VOTE
GOP wants guarantees on nuclear spending
(Post, August 4, 2010)

New Democratic strategy for creating jobs focuses on a boost in manufacturing:  Strategy would rely on higher taxes for firms that ship work overseas (Post, August 4, 2010)

Senate moves toward a final vote on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan (Post, August 4, 2010)

EPA left to pick up climate change where Congress dropped the debate:  UNWIELDY TURN IN LONG DEBATE
Agency left to regulate greenhouse gases
(Post, August 4, 2010)

Senate moves slowly in confirming Obama's lower-court judicial nominees (Post, August 3, 2010)

RNC to re-invite Breitbart to fundraiser (, August 2, 2010; 11:28 AM)

Rep. Ryan pushes budget reform, and his party winces (Post, August 2, 2010)

Racial tension over Waters and Rangel charges:  CAUCUS ALLEGES RACIAL BIAS
Long-serving Rangel, Waters face scrutiny
(Post, August 2, 2010)

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