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In Congress 

For Rep. Chris Van Hollen, midterm elections could decide next move:  Van Hollen's career could take new turn after House elections (Post, August 2, 2010)

Beer group opens the tap on the Hill:  Wholesalers contributed to many co-sponsors of House legislation (Post, August 2, 2010)

Monday Fix: Does an advantage in money give Democrats the edge in November? (Post, August 2, 2010)

Democrat Kendrick Meek facing uphill battle in Florida Senate race (Post, August 1, 2010)

The Sunday Take:  Lawmakers stoke the public's disgust (Post, August 1, 2010)

The Sunday Take:  Lawmakers stoke the public's disgust (Post, August 1, 2010)

Rangel says colleagues who similarly sought donations were not punished:  Lawmakers who similarly sought donations were not punished, his lawyers say (Post, July 31, 2010)

Wyly brothers built an empire side-by-side (Post, July 31, 2010)

Maxine Waters will go to trial rather than settling potential ethics charges (Post, July 31, 2010)

SEC charges billionaire Texas brothers who donate to GOP with fraud:  SEC: Billionaire brothers reaped $550 million in profits from illegal stock trades (Post, July 30, 2010)

Republicans continue Senate filibuster of small-business bill, stymie Democrats (Post, July 30, 2010)

Democrat Rangel charged with 13 ethics violations:  LAWMAKER MAY FACE TRIAL
House committee says Democrat broke 'public trust'
(Post, July 30, 2010)

Small businesses emerge as big campaign issue for Democrats and Republicans:  Democrats and GOP jockey for advantage as tax breaks stall (Post, July 29, 2010)

Unusual bunch of foes to postal rate increase unites as Affordable Mail Alliance (Post, July 29, 2010)

Obama to sign bill targeting violent crime on Indian reservations (Post, July 29, 2010)

Some senators expected to block Postal Service's proposal to limit mail delivery (Post, July 29, 2010)

Charlie Rangel, falling with grace (By Dana Milbank, July 29, 2010)

2010 likely to bring more negative campaign ads than ever, analyst says:  Contested elections, vulnerable incumbents heighten negativity (Post, July 29, 2010)

DNC plan tries to tie Republican Party to fringe 'tea party' elements (Post, July 28, 2010; 6:27 PM)

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