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Behind the Numbers: Most back stricter financial reform, advantage Obama (, April 26, 2010; 9:35 AM)

Washington Post poll finds split on health-care law remains deep:  DEMOCRATS
Party base rallies around overhaul
(Post, March 28, 2010)

Poll finds guarded optimism on Obama's Afghan plan (Post, November 18, 2009)

Poll finds deep divisions on health-care reform:  But poll finds support for key provisions of reform effort (Post, November 17, 2009)

Lots of Fear Remains Over Economy, Job Losses, Poll Finds (Post, September 15, 2009)

The Change Agenda At a Crossroads:  From Health Care to Wars to Public Anxiety, Obama's Strength as a Leader Is Tested (Post, September 6, 2009)

Obama Off to Solid Start, Poll Finds:  But Release of Memos on Detainee Interrogations Reveals Deep Partisan Split (Post, April 26, 2009)

Poll Shows Nation's Mood Has Improved; Can Obama Capitalize? (Post, April 26, 2009)

Recession Taking Emotional Toll, New Poll Finds:  People Spending Less, Stressing More (Post, April 2, 2009)

About Washington Post Polls (, March 31, 2009; 9:03 AM)

Washington Post Polls: Detailed Methodology (, March 31, 2009; 8:55 AM)

Most Americans Don't Blame Obama for Economy, Poll Finds:  6 in 10 Back His Handling of Economy (Post, March 31, 2009)

Poll: Blame for Economy Is Not Fixed on Obama (Post, February 26, 2009; 12:18 AM)

Far Fewer Consider Racism Big Problem:  Little Change, However, at Local Level (Post, January 19, 2009)

Nation's Hopes High for Obama, Poll Shows (Post, January 18, 2009)

Optimism High About Obama Policies, Poll Finds:  Majorities Concur on Economy, but Rifts Abound on Initial Priorities (Post, December 21, 2008)

Obama Voters Favor Compromise on Offshore Drilling, Poll Finds (Post, November 7, 2008)

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