Thursday, March 10, 2011
health code violations
Don Juan Restaurant 1660 Lamont St. NW Closed Friday for operating without a license. Reopened that day.
New York designer Karim Rashid , creator of more than 3,000 products, would love to get a chance to talk to President Obama, not only about design in this country but about what suits Obama should be buying.
HOUSE CALLS Terri Sapienza
Hang a bookshelf and a floating shelf to add visual interest to the large wall.
How To
QI had a three-eighths-inch-thick, click-together wood floor installed over two layers of vinyl in my kitchen less than a year ago. The wood is sliding lengthwise in two areas. It has unlocked in one area, and socks snag on some of the joints. The installer fixed it once, but the problem continue...
a cook's garden
They're as beautiful as jewels and often just as precious and rare. The seeds of Indian corn, lined up in rows on their cobs, explode with every known color in fanciful combinations. This variability led geneticist Barbara McClintock to the far-reaching discovery that genes are not static, that...
home sales
Hill Gail Dr., 3433-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Stella U. Ogunwole, $408,381.
I'm willing to bet you have a bottle of ranch dressing in your fridge right now. I know I do.
Lenny Bernstein
I recently spent a couple of hours at the Jewish Community Center in Fairfax watching women in their 40s, 50s and 60s play two games of full-court basketball. These were rec-league ballplayers, but there was nothing casual about the games. They played organized zone defense. A ref in black and wh...
Jay Mathews
I'm moving back to California this summer. (You will be relieved or annoyed to learn I am not leaving The Post.) This will be my last spring, at least as I define the term.
The bright room has a jungle gym, food and water and is littered with toys. But during a recent afternoon, the room's occupants were busy . . . napping.
Each year, Indian Head Mayor Ed Rice selects a name from the town's veterans' memorial and honors that person by telling his story at Memorial Day and Veterans Day events.
The cost to attend St. Mary's College of Maryland will increase next year to more than $25,000 for many students to help cover staff and faculty benefits and other campus expenses.
volunteer opportunities
Best Buddies-Southern Maryland seeks volunteers, 18 or older, to create one-on-one friendships with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 301-374-2450.
recent deaths
These deaths were reported by funeral homes in Southern Maryland:
Dear Dr. Gridlock: Is there an average number of offloadings that Metro finds tolerable? I've always been disgusted with how much I pay for a train ride. I pay the same price whether I arrive without a hitch as I do when a train breaks down and I have to wait for another. Has Metro ever looked into...
community calendar
Women's soccer league registration, seven-player teams will compete on a reduced-size field (Laurel Springs Regional Park in La Plata). 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday and Friday, Charles County Department of Public Works, 1001 Radio Station Rd., La Plata. $450 per team. 301-932-3470, 301-870-2778, or...
Varsity Letter
The day Necole Sterling walked into the Stonewall Jackson gym, the team's hopes for another playoff run brightened. The day she almost walked out? Well, that's another story.
Varsity Letter
Stonewall Jackson forward Joy Caracciolo could not immediately discern if a teammate was cutting to the basket or if a student was making a beeline for a Snickers.
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