Clarification to This Article
The Home article used the headline "Using What You Have" to refer to services provided by Interior Redesign Industry Specialists (IRIS). The phrase "Use What You Have" is the registered trademark of Lauri Ward, founder of the Interior Refiners Network (IRN), also featured in the article. The "Use What You Have" system educates clients about redecorating with their existing furnishings while they are present, and provides a written plan for future changes. IRIS rearranges furnishings while the clients are off the premises.

Just What You Need

Design Advice Cut Down to Size

By Jura Koncius
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home shows on cable TV have created an avid following of fans hooked on the idea of before-and-after design. Within a mere half-hour, rooms go from bland and forgettable to bright and perfectly accessorized.

Although the real-life process might not be quite so breezy, that same kind of help is available off-screen, too, offered by professionals who know there is a growing market for fast, affordable design help.

Maybe all you really need is help picking paint colors for one or two rooms. Trained colorists specialize in doing just that. Maybe you realize the first step toward harmony at home is getting out from under clutter. Professional organizers stand ready to help you part with what you don't need and tidy up the rest. Maybe rather than investing in a whole new look you want someone to pull together the chairs, lamps and rugs you already own. In one day.

We've identified four kinds of pros offering specific home improvement skills, with an emphasis on fast results with fees by the hour. We provide details on who they are, what they do and how to find them.

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