So, What Did You Bring for Show and Tell?

The Washington Post's Mike Wise goes to school with Jason Campbell. Video by Atkinson & Co.
By Mike Wise
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As the shrieks and shrills grew to decibels unheard of in suburban Virginia, as hundreds of tiny young voices pierced the air of this special school assembly -- "JA-SON! JA-SON!" -- one thought came to mind:

Poor Tim Dehaven.

After his 7-year-old daughter Taylor -- she's the one with the Redskins hair bands holding up her blond pigtails, seated in the front -- won the NFL's Take a Player to School Sweepstakes, after Taylor rolled up to P.B. Smith Elementary School yesterday in a gleaming jet-black stretch limousine with Jason Campbell -- only the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins (and the coolest person in the history of mankind, according to several children interviewed yesterday) -- well, let's be honest:

Take Your Dad To School Day loses just a bit of juice.

"Is this unbelievable or what?" Tim said, panning the room with his hand-held video camera, filming the greatest day of a second-grader's life.

Taylor's mom, Sheila, and her 4-year-old brother, Nicholas, looked on in stunned amazement as Taylor grabbed the microphone and, upon prompting from Principal Patricia Comstock, bellowed, "Here is Jason Campbell!" amid more deafening shrieks and shrills.

Wearing a No. 17 jersey, it was as if Hannah Montana had come to Warrenton.

"This is like one of them pep rallies I went to on a Friday afternoon in high school in Mississippi," said Campbell, who was in awe himself -- of the burgundy-and-gold banners, balloons, drawings, painted faces, and of Taylor, who welcomed him to this spirited slice of Virginia, where he was clearly on message in this battleground state.

"Taylor for president," he said underneath a massive American flag in the assembly room. "I mean, look at her, she's got everything. She's smart. She's fun. I'm just glad she picked me as her running mate. I think we're good to go in Virginia."

"Vote for me," Taylor said, on cue.

Did we mention Campbell's high school and home town is named Taylorsville?

"Really?" Taylor asked.

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