Split of Metro Line Has Many Riders Singing the Blues

By Dr. Gridlock
Sunday, November 16, 2008

Metrorail riders turned all kinds of colors when we asked them to discuss the Metro staff's proposal to split Blue Line service.

Under the proposal, some trains would take the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac River rather than battling Orange Line trains at the Rosslyn tunnel.

In response to staff writer Lena H. Sun's request for comment ("Breaking the Blue Line Jams," Oct. 26), we received seven e-mails in favor and 21 against. Some other writers just wanted to offer a color recommendation to designate the new service. Pink seemed a favorite, with one writer saying it would help to calm commuters.

Almost all the writers offered detailed remarks, and those from Arlington County were particularly passionate. Whether people were for or against the change often depended on where they live and work.

If the Metro board approves a rerouting, it probably wouldn't happen till mid-2009.

These are excerpts from some letters:

Metro correctly understands that the only way to decongest Rosslyn is to reduce the number of trains entering the tunnel and have some Blue trains enter downtown Washington via L'Enfant Plaza instead.

This would help relieve the Rosslyn- Foggy Bottom mess. Although this may inconvenience some Blue Line travelers, the trade-off should be well worth it, improving the commute for thousands of Orange Line travelers.

Harvey Bronstein

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