Silver Spring Station Work Still an Annoyance

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, November 30, 2008; Page C02

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

This regards the impact of the construction at the Silver Spring Metro station. I pass through the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road daily, on a Ride On bus or occasionally driving, in the morning hours turning left from inbound Colesville Road to inbound Georgia Avenue. There are four inbound lanes in the morning on Colesville; the fourth must turn left, the third must continue straight, per the overhead signs and lights.

Lately, however, Metrobuses and Ride On buses have been turning from the third lane.

The result is blockading the third lane for through traffic and causing problems for fourth-lane turners needing to get in the first lane of Georgia. I am aware buses can no longer turn left one block farther on.

Since construction began, I have seen little police presence and absolutely no enforcement of the traffic laws here.

During an earlier construction phase, a similar problem arose, and on numerous occasions I saw police officers at the intersection ignore such improper left turns immediately in front of them, yet for years prior, an officer would stake out the intersection and issue tickets for the same offense. I am sure the police have a multitude of other things needing to be handled, but strict enforcement once or twice a week for a couple of weeks might get the idea across.

John Huffman Silver Spring

Construction of the Silver Spring transit center has disrupted vehicle and pedestrian patterns. Traffic and transit officials have been monitoring the scene, and they made some improvements in the temporary setup.

But left-turning buses are still having a problem at several locations. During rush-hour congestion, some of those buses can't get all the way left across several lanes of traffic from their last stop in the right-hand lane. I've noticed this happening on Wayne Avenue at Georgia Avenue as well.

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