Kaine: Limits on Out-of-State College Students Troubling

Associated Press
Tuesday, February 24, 2009; 1:50 PM

Virginia's governor said legislative limits on out-of-state students at state-supported colleges are not a good idea.

Bills before the General Assembly would restrict the number of non-Virginia students public colleges and universities could accept.

The bills arise from difficulty home-state students are having getting into Virginia schools.

Gov. Timothy Kaine said the answer is for the legislature to better fund state schools, allowing them to expand enrollment and keep in-state tuition lower.

Schools prize the much higher tuitions out-of-state students pay to cover tight budgets.

On his monthly show on Washington's WTOP radio, the governor said legislators have ignored higher education for 20 years.

But when asked if he would veto a bill restricting out-of-state enrollment, Kaine wouldn't say.

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