The Best of the 3-Hour Weekend

Friday, September 4, 2009

The easy-living days of summer are just about over and with them, the chance for that three-day weekend at the shore.

But just because schedules get hectic as we try to cram more into autumn's shorter days, that doesn't mean weekend fun has to disappear entirely.

Maybe you can't spare three days, but surely you can spare three hours.

Two years ago when Weekend launched the 3-Hour Weekend, the idea was to create an outing that would take no more than an afternoon. That way, you could get the laundry done and still have something to add to the "so what did you do this weekend" conversation at work on Monday.

Contained on these pages are seven of our favorite excursions. They are urban and suburban, in museums and on footpaths, kid-friendly and date-friendly. Turn this handy guide into a booklet you can tuck into your back pocket or into the front cover of a book.

And enjoy.

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-- Weekend staff

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