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Four readers vow to get fit via parkour, triathlon and other exercise regimes

By Vicky Hallett and Lenny Bernstein
Thursday, January 7, 2010

We asked you to send us your fitness-related resolutions, and judging by the response, 2010 is going to be quite a year. You're going to race 10Ks, marathons and triathlons. You're biking across Iowa and even the whole country. Brides (and a groom) vow to look better for the big day, parents want to keep up with their energetic offspring and a few folks see themselves crossing the mid-century mark in their best shape ever.

Everyone can use a little help in achieving workout goals, so we chose four of you to interview and advise: a woman seeking the time and energy to be active, a budding parkour enthusiast, a 66-year-old with health concerns hoping to start exercising again and a man who wants to do a half-Ironman triathlon. Check out their profiles, and we'll check in with them in a few months to see how they're doing. In the meantime, we hope their stories can serve as inspiration for you -- and us.

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