Networks join the swoon over Nationals' Stephen Strasburg

The Nationals ace delivers the 'Top Ten List' on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Friday, June 11, 2010

David Letterman anointed him worthy of Top 10 list reading on Thursday; TBS has thrown over the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox to clear its dance card for him on Sunday -- TV is going gaga over Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

In case you've just come out from under a rock, TV's newest It Guy is the rookie sensation the Nats ponied up a whopping $15.1 million to secure.

Strasburg made his much-ballyhooed Major League Baseball debut Tuesday and -- in a performance that had TV suits madly scrambling to see if there was a way they could get a piece of this action -- he struck out 14 Pittsburgh Pirates in seven innings, setting a Nationals record. Thursday afternoon, Strasburg taped, via satellite, Letterman's list for his CBS late-night show: "Top 10 Little Known Facts About Stephen Strasburg."

"Baseball's new original phenom -- we haven't had one of these guys in a long, long time!" Letterman enthused.

"Hi Dave!" Strasburg grinned ear-to-ear from Nationals Park.

"How ya doin'?" Letterman responded, adding: "Congratulations and we hope you have a lovely, nice long career."

The list items:

No. 10: "To keep my focus on pitching, I sleep on a mound of dirt."

No. 9: "Every morning, I spread Icy Hot on my toast."

No. 8: "I got three of my 14 strikeouts while Twittering."

No. 7: "To celebrate my first big league win, I bought a hot tub time machine."

No. 6: "I wasn't really good till I got bitten by that radioactive spider."

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