Remy Munasifi's 'Metro Song' rap takes on the D.C. subway so many love to hate

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 16, 2010

What we're trying to do here is convey the aura of art with mere words.

Not just any work of art, but one about riding on Metro, the subway operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, a name that does not roll off the tongue like poetry.

So you might be dubious that anyone could produce a hilarious rap song about Metro, the system that so many riders love to hate. So much has gone wrong of late, and none of it has seemed funny.

We sent a man to the moon and brought him back two weeks later,

Apparently not as long as it takes to fix an escalator.

Remy Munasifi, the Clarendon rapper whose YouTube videos have gotten nearly 50 million hits, posted the "Metro Song" on Tuesday morning, and it's a safe bet that everyone who has ridden the system will get a dozen or more e-mails about it from friends, relatives and fellow sufferers.

People stopping at the bottom of the escalator makes you think.

Can a person with no brain ever truly stop and think?

These days, Munasifi mostly rides Metro in to get his hair cut on K Street or to visit friends, but he grew up in the District and knows Metro cold.

The one thing on my mind that surely has me torn,

Is can you have body odor at 8:30 in the mornin'?

"Riding on the Metro is so quirky that I'm sure a lot of people say somebody should write a song about this," Munasifi said. "The difference between me and them is that I have a lot of spare time."

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