What Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have in common

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 19, 2010; 9:21 PM


Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag

Sarah Palin

Harper. 269pp.



A Letter to My Daughters

Barack Obama

Knopf. 30pp.


We're a nation of shared hopes and shared heroes, so it's no surprise that President Obama and Sarah Palin trot out the same American demigods in new books aimed at scoring points for patriotism.

President Obama's "Of Thee I Sing" is an illustrated work for children that the dad in chief wrote as a letter to his daughters. The book, released last week, offers brief flag-waving portraits of memorable Americans throughout history. Palin's "America by Heart," due out this week, is a fast-reading reiteration of the former Alaska governor's folksy values, centered around God, gunpowder and family.

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