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An Ashburn real estate agent who fled the United States in July 2009 was arraigned in Loudoun County Circuit Court on Tuesday on charges stemming from an alleged mortgage scheme that defrauded lenders of $50 million, according to authorities.

Quick! What do you think of when you think of video games? Fun? Action? Adventure? Your mom and dad telling you to turn off Mario to do your homework?

Video Game Headlines

D.C. arts briefs: Video game exhibit, family and music festivals, SWAN day (Post, February 19, 2011; 4:01 PM)

At 10, dance-dancing his way to Guinness record (Post, January 31, 2011; 6:40 PM)

Apps and other electronic fitness aids (Post, January 4, 2011; 11:02 AM)

On Christmas Eve, frantic shoppers still find it fun (Post, December 24, 2010; 9:37 PM)

The 10 best new video games (Post, December 7, 2010; 9:56 AM)

Microsoft makes right moves with Kinect (Post, November 27, 2010; 7:41 PM)

Looking for the hot new video game for a holiday gift? Think sequel. (Post, November 27, 2010; 7:26 PM)

Playing doctor: Learning about slips of the knife better on 'patients' than patients (Post, November 7, 2010)

Proposed ban puts justices in 'Mortal Kombat' ring (Post, November 3, 2010)

High court weighs Calif. effort to ban sale of violent video games to minors (Post, November 2, 2010; 7:04 PM)

High court weighs Calif. effort to ban sale of violent video games to minors (Post, November 2, 2010; 2:34 PM)

Joysticks and the First Amendment (Post, October 31, 2010; 7:36 PM)

Why the Supreme Court should rule that violent video games are free speech (By Daniel Greenberg, October 31, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Video gamers finally meet online friends, compete for nerdy bragging rights (Post, October 17, 2010; 10:57 PM)

The 15 Most Offensive Video Games Ever Made:  In one you're encouraged to sexually assault a mother and her daughters, in another, you're a white supremacist out for blood, and that's just the warmup act. (PC World, October 4, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Science News: Action video games speed up decision-making process (Post, September 27, 2010; 6:36 PM)

Sales of new 'Medal of Honor' video game banned on military bases:  Electronic Arts title lets players fight as U.S. troops or Taliban (Post, September 9, 2010)

Atari 2600 Teardown: What???s Inside Your Old Console?:  What's inside that old Atari 2600 of yours? Have a look at this Reagan-era console, courtesy of the folks at iFixit. (PC World, September 6, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Loudoun restaurateur sentenced to 12 years in $71 million loan scam on 8 banks:  Restaurateur used fake documents at 8 banks to borrow $71 million (Post, August 28, 2010)

Price Fight: Xbox 360 with Kinect vs. PlayStation 3 with Move:  Microsoft's Xbox 360 bundled with Kinect takes on Sony's PlayStation 3 bundled with PlayStation Move. Who wins? (PC World, August 19, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Universities turn to Wii Fit as way of examining concussions (Post, August 19, 2010)

Alienware M11x Revision 2: New Internal Hardware Improves Performance:  Our favorite ultraportable for gamers gets a nice speed boost with new internal hardware, but battery life suffers a bit. (PC World, August 18, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Prince George's arcade fan to donate video game to museum:  Collector to donate vintage machine to new museum (Post, August 5, 2010)

Video-game concerts, a movement that's more than a blip on orchestral landscape (Post, July 28, 2010)

Let well-off brother decide what he can afford for son. (By Carolyn Hax, July 13, 2010)

On eve of latest NCAA Football video game release, athletes still look for recourse:  Keller contends student-athletes should be paid for their likenesses (Post, July 12, 2010)

Culture:  Book review: 'Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter,' by Tom Bissell (Post, July 11, 2010)

Bing Bolsters Casual Gaming, Bungles Video Game Tips:  Microsoft Bing adds elegant 'Search, Click, Play' casual games interface, but limits video game cheat and tip searches to a handful of sources. (PC World, June 26, 2010; 12:19 AM)

crime report:  Anne Arundel County and Howard County crime report (Post, June 24, 2010)

Home Front: (, May 27, 2010; 11:00 AM)

Nunc sollicitudin consequat sapien, quis gravida urna sagittis at (, May 26, 2010; 2:31 PM)

Pac-Man hits 30 without losing its way:  The video game that changed the world is still relevant (Post, May 23, 2010)

iPad vs. Everything Else:  Can Apple's much-hyped tablet replace your notebook, e-reader, smartphone, audio player, magazines, or gaming device? Here's the verdict from our experts. (PC World, May 3, 2010; 12:19 AM)

New video game design degree popular at GMU:  Enrollment is booming for program that trains students to develop art of the future, combining creativity with technology (Post, April 29, 2010)

Supreme Court to enter fight over violent video games (Post, April 27, 2010)

Gaming on the iPad:  It's not quite revolutionary, but Apple's iPad is shaping up to be a game developer's dream machine. (PC World, April 9, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Alienware's M11x Gaming Laptop Is Easy to Take With You:  In the M11x, gamers finally have a fully capable notebook that's easily portable and offers great battery life. (PC World, April 7, 2010; 12:19 AM)

First Look: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480:  Nvidia's first DirectX 11 card is finally here -- we see how it stacks up against the competition (PC World, March 29, 2010; 12:19 AM)

The blockbuster video game veers from action fantasy to realism (By Mike Musgrove, March 21, 2010)

Carolyn Hax Live: What makes a girly-girl?, Crushing your mother's wedding-planning dreams, Getting over regret, Raspberry beer, and much more (, March 19, 2010; 12:00 PM)

Find Your Windows 7 Desktop:  If you steered clear of Vista (or bought it and regretted the decision), you?re probably overdue for a desktop system with Microsoft?s new, nonhated OS. We?ve surveyed the field, from inexpensive space-savers to the latest full-featured towers, to help you pick the perfect PC. (PC World, March 2, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Heavy Rain, the PS3 Exclusive That's Not a Game:  Developer Quantic Games' Heavy Rain is either an exceptionally beautiful adventure game, or an altogether new form of interactive fiction. (PC World, February 18, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Dante's Inferno Ships, but is it a God of War Clone?:  Electronic Arts' hack-and-slash Dante's Inferno based on Italian poet Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy" ships today. Is it just a lurid facsimile of Sony's God of War franchise? (PC World, February 15, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Xbox's 'Dante's Inferno' is a love story, sorta (By Mike Musgrove, February 14, 2010)

Snowbound kids a test of parenting skills (, February 9, 2010; 1:00 PM)

crimereport:  Prince William County crime report (Post, January 21, 2010)

Holiday Tech Guide: Video Games (, December 22, 2009; 1:00 PM)

Holiday Tech Guide: Video Games (, December 8, 2009; 1:00 PM)

Gifts for the gamer:  Batman and the Beatles are just the beginning of what's in stores this holiday season (Post, December 1, 2009)

Holiday guide to video games (By Mike Musgrove, November 29, 2009)

How about an expensive extra with that expensive video game? (By Mike Musgrove, November 29, 2009)

Alienware OptX AW2210 21.5-Inch LCD Monitor:  The Alienware OptX AW2210 is a solid display in a slick package with settings galore--and a slightly higher-than-usual price tag. (PC World, November 24, 2009; 12:18 AM)

@Play: At libraries, fun and games now the lure (By MIKE MUSGROVE, November 22, 2009)

TODAY'S NEWS (Post, November 17, 2009)

Game developer's newest 'Call of Duty' helps veterans find jobs:  Firm donates $1 million to boost employment for lagging demographic (Post, November 9, 2009)

The computer gets more like the TV every day (By Mike Musgrove, November 8, 2009)

Hands On with Facebook and Twitter for Xbox LIVE:  How's Microsoft's next Xbox 360 LIVE social networking update handle? We take the preview version for a spin to find out. (PC World, October 22, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Crime Report:  Anne Arundel County Crime Report (Post, October 15, 2009)

A Level Closer To the Mainstream (By Mike Musgrove, October 11, 2009)

The Live Fix: Obama's Surprise Nobel Peace Prize Win (, October 9, 2009; 11:00 AM)

Sony PSP Go:  Costly and compatibility-conflicted, Sony's PSP Go marries design elegance and disc-free gaming with worrisome pricing and upgrade uncertainty. (PC World, October 8, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Kashmir Hill and David Lat -- Online Games Aim to Teach Kids About Courts (Post, October 4, 2009)

Video Game Redskins Not Much Better (By Mike Musgrove, October 4, 2009)

Sony PSP Go Unboxed and Exposed:  Sony's palm-sized PSP Go debuts in less than two days, but you can have a look at our review unit now courtesy these "unboxing" snaps. (PC World, October 1, 2009; 12:18 AM)

Dad's Still Got Game, but the Kid's Got Talent:  Fathers Who Never Left Video Controllers Far Behind Like Bonding Time but Not Their Scores (Post, September 27, 2009)

Your Views (Post, August 25, 2009)

Nintendo Makes Strides With Personal Trainer: Walking (By Mike Musgrove, August 23, 2009)

Rx: Xbox?:  Researchers Explore Mental Health Benefits of Video Games (Post, August 18, 2009)

Alienware M17x:  Style meets substance with this new, high-end monster laptop. If you've got the money, the M17x has got your number. (PC World, August 4, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Ancient Atari Joysticks Unearthed:  Atari joysticks found buried in rock? One man is digging up tech fossils--and creating some of his own in the process. (PC World, July 20, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Flashy Va. Businessman Vanishes, Leaving Large Debts Behind (Post, July 16, 2009)

LOUDOUN COUNTY:  Loudoun Real Estate Agent Is Charged With Mortgage Fraud (Post, July 16, 2009)

Live!:  What: The National Symphony Orchestra performs "Video Games Live" When: 8:30 p.m. tomorrow Where: Wolf Trap, Vienna (Post, July 9, 2009)

Now on the Wii: Aliens, Guns and the Capitol (By Mike Musgrove, June 28, 2009)

Md. Firm Buys Maker of Hit Video Games (Post, June 25, 2009)

nVidia 200M GPUs: 'Twice the Power, Half the Battery Drain':  nVidia announces new GPUs that will appear in laptops soon--and that will offer twice the power of last-gen GPUs. Are they too good to be true? (PC World, June 17, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Crime Report:  D.C. Crime Report (Post, June 4, 2009)

Business Digest:  Business Digest (Post, June 3, 2009)

Microsoft, Sony Unveil Technologies Similar to Nintendo's Wii (Post, June 2, 2009; 5:59 PM)

Microsoft Is Kicking Xbox Up a Notch (Post, June 2, 2009)

Wii Workout Games vs. a Personal Trainer:  A professional personal trainer takes on four Wii Workout games to see what works, what doesn't--and who needs to go back to the gym. (PC World, May 29, 2009; 3:19 AM)

Big Huge Games Scores a Save:  Troubled Md. Game Maker Picked Up by Curt Schilling's Firm (Post, May 28, 2009)

Station Break: Is TV On Verge of Extinction? (, May 12, 2009; 1:00 PM)

Crime Report:  D.C. Crime Report (Post, April 30, 2009)

8.5 Percent of U.S. Youths Addicted to Video Games, Study Finds (Post, April 20, 2009)

Just In: Find Your Inner Vin Diesel With Drift City:  This Korean-made massively multiplayer RPG and racing game lets you race online for sweet car upgrades. (PC World, April 16, 2009; 12:19 AM)

At Play: Nintendo Bites Back at iTunes (By Mike Musgrove, April 5, 2009)

Just In: Nintendo DSi Hands-On: Slimmer, More Multimedia-Savvy:  Nintendo puts in smart nips and tucks to its already-svelte handheld while adding a raft of useful multimedia features. (PC World, April 3, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Crime Report:  District Crime Report (Post, April 2, 2009)

Adding a Dose of Fun to the Hospital:  Miss Teen Maryland International Helps Donate Wii for Youths (Post, April 2, 2009)

Just In: Resistance: Retribution Review:  Sony's got a few tricks up its sleeve with its new PSP shooter. It's good for fun on the road -- and syncs up with your PS3 for bonus features when you play at home. (PC World, April 1, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Science Digest:  Science Digest (Post, March 30, 2009)

Durant a 'Big Kid' With a Future That's Even Bigger (Post, March 25, 2009)

Without a Buyer, Big Huge Games May Go Dark (Post, March 20, 2009)

Crime Report:  Washington Crime Report (Post, March 12, 2009)

A New Battle Over Used Video Games (By Mike Musgrove, March 8, 2009)

Crime Report:  Crime Report (Post, February 19, 2009)

Games Are Not Art, Are They?:  Is there more to life than blowing things up? Get in touch with your artistic side, playing a game PC World Interviews Jenova Chen. (PC World, February 17, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Crime Report:  Crime Report (Post, February 12, 2009)

Crime Report:  Crime Report (Post, February 12, 2009)

Play Games With Your Resume:  Use games to hone marketable skills while blowing off some steam. (PC World, February 10, 2009; 12:19 AM)

Fitness Revolution in Motion:  New Video Games For Children Provide Workouts in Disguise (Post, February 8, 2009)

Crime Report:  Crime Report (Post, February 5, 2009)

Alienware m17 Desktop Replacement Notebook:  Alienware, best-known for expensive, high-performance PCs, delivers a good gaming laptop at a reasonable price. (PC World, February 2, 2009; 12:19 AM)

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With rewards, Zynga hopes to get you (more) hooked
(AP, March 21, 2011; 6:28 AM)

US video game sales up 3 percent in February
(AP, March 11, 2011; 6:16 AM)

US video game sales up 3 percent in February
(AP, March 10, 2011; 8:07 PM)

Japan's Sony to reorganize key businesses
(AP, March 10, 2011; 3:48 AM)

Japan's Sony to reorganize key businesses
(AP, March 10, 2011; 1:35 AM)
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