In Search of Blogging Wisdom

September 1, 2006

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With the Bog getting ready to debut last week, I was kicked out of the office and told to seek blogging wisdom. My journey took me to Largo Town Center, Taco Bell and an office park where I spent $25 on parking. I got plenty of advice about beer funnels from a group of Ravens fans who, in between failing to grow facial hair and teaching me vile new vocabulary words, were somewhat improbably claiming to be of legal drinking age (not pictured). I encountered one lovely fellow who refused to speak but kept flashing what his friends called a "pirate grin," which frightened me. I met a group of rugby players and Redskins fans who offered to recruit me for their rugby team (my editors say I'm only allowed to play rugby if I cover myself in several inches of bubble wrap). And I discovered that quite a few people aren't sure exactly what a blog is. Which doesn't make me feel all that swell about my career path.

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