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The Missing Man (Post, February 29, 2008; Page A14)

U.S. Payments To Pakistan Face New Scrutiny:  Little Accounting for Costs To Support Ally's Troops (Post, February 21, 2008; Page A01)

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Iraq's New Law on Ex-Baathists Could Bring Another Purge (Post, January 23, 2008; Page A01)

Graphic:  A New (Old) Law of the Land (washingtonpost.com, January 23, 2008; 2:06 AM)

Bush Alters Stand on Palestinians:  Compensation Backed to Address Refugee Issue; President Again Urges Israel to End 'Occupation' (Post, January 11, 2008; Page A01)

Graphic: Moving Closer to the 'Clinton Parameters' (washingtonpost.com, January 11, 2008; 7:02 AM)

Mideast Talks Yield Promises To Press On:  Israelis, Palestinians Will Restart Peace Negotiations (Post, November 28, 2007; Page A01)

Graphic: Decoding Annapolis (washingtonpost.com, November 28, 2007; 2:15 AM)

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