Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Fireworks mark the end of Games that could hardly have gone better for China. Even harsh suppression of speech drew little scorn from world leaders.
The 2008 Summer Olympics closed Sunday night in a display of tightly scripted merriment and lavish fireworks, a final burst of pomp ending 17 days of sports and celebration that Chinese authorities organized with flawless precision and an unbending security clampdown. (By Ezra Shaw -- Getty Images)

In Beijing, Tourists Are Dazzled, Daunted

"Friendly" is not the only word many of the same tourists use to describe their main impressions as they roam around Beijing. Power, artifice, intimidation: Those are also common.


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The Post's Ariana Eunjung Cha reports on issues and events at the host city of this summer's Olympic Games.

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