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Jay Mathews, Education Columnist
About the Author
 Jay Mathews, a Washington Post education reporter, writes a weekly Class Struggle column exclusively for He also covers school issues in a quarterly column for The Post Magazine. He can be reached via e-mail at
Education Spotlight
 School of Hard Choices: In the KIPP Academy program, it's motivation that's fundamental.
Challenge Index
 Special Report: Reporter Jay Mathews compares how hard Washington area schools are trying to prepare their students for college.
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The Guide is a collaborative effort involving many departments of The Washington Post and was headed by Miranda S. Spivack. Others contributing include:

A 'Magnet' Is Not the Only Route to Excellence
Dear Extra Credit:
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is constantly mentioned in the paper for one reason or another. But what about students who are outstanding in other areas, such as the fine and performing arts?

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