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From The Washington Post Magazine

Georgetown University's popularity among smart high school seniors is the engine driving its phenomenal rise as a national university. (Thomas Arledge)
Live Online
Jay Mathews Challenge Index: Jay Mathews, education reporter for The Post, talked about the challenge index on Monday, Nov. 6, at 1 p.m. EST.
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High School
Taking the Challenge
As a result of Fairfax's change in teaching philosophy, its high schools have soared to the top of the third annual Challenge Index assessment of area schools, taking 21 of the 35 top spots.

Elementary Ed
Parlez-Vous Immersion?
Growing numbers of elementary schools are offering intensive foreign language programs. The question: Do they work?

Adult Ed
E-Learning and You
Valerie Strauss recently interviewed Matthew Pittinsky, chairman and co-founder of Blackboard Inc., discuss why this region has become a national center for e-learning business.

Class Struggle
The New New Higher Ed
Higher education is changing. The old model of four years seeking friendship, diversion and occasional enlightenment on a green grassy campus is giving way to more varied and more focused academic experiences.

Being There
Take students on real-life field trips to places like prisons and homeless shelters and you might just change their lives.

Cyber School
Classrooms, Unplugged
Can a wireless device like a PalmPilot or Pocket PC be a practical teaching aid? Schools across the country are starting to find out.

High Hopes 
On the road to elite status, Georgetown's come a long way in a short time.

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