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A classroom at the Integrated Design Electronics Academy.
 The Education Review
(Emily Mott)
Live Online
Marc Fisher Charter Schools : Post columnnist Marc Fisher discussed his cover story "Uncommon Knowledge."
 Cesar Chavez High School Principal Irasema Salcido on her school.
 Post Reporter Jay Mathews on admissions and remedial classes.
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Secondary Ed
To Each Its Own 
With charter school enrollment in the District soaring every fall, the question is no longer Charters Yes or No. The question is, what's happening in the classroom? And what comes out of the schools? Here's a look at five schools.
 Video: Cesar Chavez High School Principal Irasema Salcido
 Education Review

Adult Ed
Tools for Retooling
The post-baccalaureate certificate has become the continuing-education currency of choice for many professionals and aspiring professionals.

Class Struggle
Useful Remedies
Remedial courses in college have become a favorable target of politicians and reformers who cite them as evidence of school failing, but there's no cause for alarm.

Teacher's Corner
Failing Grade
One semester as a student teacher taught this novice one thing: She could never be a teacher.

Higher Ed
Better Than Famous
Not getting into an Ivy League school is not the end of the world. Actually, in some cases, it's the best thing that could happen to a student.
 Video: Jay Mathews on Admissions and Remedial Classes

Book Bag
The Profit Motive
Author Richard S. Ruch argues in his new book, "Higher Ed., Inc.: The Rise of the For-Profit University," that higher education and the bottom line can comfortably coexist.

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