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From The Washington Post Magazine

"We stayed small, and our focus remained on the student...and that is what has saved us," says President Jane Margaret O'Brien. (Tom Wolff)
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 Distrust in the Schoolhouse: Post writer Linda Perlstein will discuss her Sunday Magazine story, Monday at 1 p.m.
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Higher Ed
St. Mary's Grows Up 
How a school founded as seminary for "the Mothers of future generations" became one of the top-ranked small colleges in the country.

Public Ed
Suspicious Minds
A hypothetical question: You get a call from your child's school. The teacher says he misbehaved in class, did something you've never seen him do. Your child denies it. Whom do you believe?

Under Review
Back To 'School'
A review of the new four-part documentary on the remarkable rise of public education and its undeniable progress throughout history.

Class Struggle
The New Completion Competition
This seems to be the the year for Europeans to sneer at Americans. Our president is being lampooned for those cowboy tendencies that the Old World just hates. And for the first time, the United States has lost its world lead in college completion rates.

Teacher's Corner
What happens when SOL's and grades don't matter in the classroom? "It was a magic summer for my students and me. We were probably the only group in school that didn't want our time together to end..."

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