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From The Washington Post Magazine

Trinity College's main hall was built in 1909, when the college still served a predominantly elite Catholic base. Today, the college's constituency is much different. (Tom Wolff)
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Building the Imperial University
Since GW's president arrived in '88, he has accelerated its transformation from a commuter college and graduate-degree resource for government workers into a would-be top-100 research institution.
 Live Online: 1 p.m. EDT Monday

Reinventing Trinity 
At a time when more and more women's colleges are closing their doors for good, or opening them to men, Trinity with all its girlish traditions has quietly managed to survive intact.
 For Many Adults, Trinity Is Right Fit
 Video: The Changing Face of Trinity
 Education Review

Never Let Them See You Sleep
In the last 10 years, the University of Maryland Baltimore County has built a reputation as one of the nation's top nurturers of African American achievement.

The Last Tsar
Throughout his 36-year teaching career, James Biedron and his creative teaching methods have inspired countless students, some of whom have continued their studies in Russian beyond high school.

And Now for the Good News
Columnist Jay Mathews says that, compared with other large metropolitan areas, we have the best schools in the country, and are trying very hard to make them better.

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