Education Review: July 2002
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From The Washington Post Magazine
Post Roundtable
"Success For All"
The Post's Jay Matthews joined's Christina Pino-Marina to discuss the scripted program to instruct teachers in early primary grades when and how to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

Jay also writes a weekly column for, Class Struggle, which runs on Tuesdays.

Live Online
Reporter Eric L. Wee will be online to discuss his article in Sunday's Washington Post magazine, "Professor of Desperation," Monday, at 1 p.m. EDT.
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Hispanics, Blacks Do Better on SOL Tests
The percentage of African American and Hispanic students who passed their Standards of Learning tests in Virginia increased again this year, although their scores continued to lag behind those of white students.
Professing Desperation
Bad pay, zero job security, no benefits, endless commutes. Is this any way to treat PhDs responsible for teaching a generation of college students?
July 2002 Education Review

Success for Some
Critics of a controversial method for teaching poor children claim its benefits are overrated. The question is, what's the alternative?
Sex and Scholarship
Across the country, educators are asking if boys, girls and learning don't mix.
Take a Break, Jake
After four years of high school, one young man shares what he learned after taking a year off right after graduating from high school.
Taking the Crackle and Pop Out of Snap Decisions
Critics say making students promise to accept early-decision offers to college gives teenagers too little time to consider their options.

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