EDUCATION Review: November 2002

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(Photo Illustration by Michael Gibbs)
Live Online
 Darragh Johnson answered questions about her article "A Classroom Crusade."
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A Classroom Crusade 
Eric Smith wants to prove he can eliminate the achievement gap that divides blacks and Hispanics from Asians and whites. His stint in Maryland will put him to the test.

Perils of Campus Candor
At a surprising number of colleges, students aren't supposed to say what they think.
 Video: Education Roundtable

Clinging To Hope
In the era of Hope scholarships, when getting less than a B costs real money, college students find ways to make the grade.

Retiring Minds
Some of these students have been seniors for decades, but they just keep on going.

The Parent Trap
What happens when parents wield too much power over what goes on in their children's schools?

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