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 Rebuilding McKinley: After being closed in 1997, the high school is being renovated, and the new principal hopes to build on the school's history of achievement.
 Breaking Down Barriers: Students at Montgomery Blair find that when they are break dancing, race doesn't really matter.
Live Online
 Transcript: Post Magazine Deputy Editor Sydney Trent was online to discuss 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling.
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Defiance of Segregation
Stand and Deliver
Barbara Rose Johns is remembered not only as a soldier of civil rights, but also as a role model for her family.

A Post-Brown World
Beyond Black and White
Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring shows what happens when everyone in the school is a minority.
 Video: Breaking Down the Barriers
 The Brown v. Board 50 Years Later

A Look at Inequality
The Education of Jim Crow
In the early 20th century, African American students learned the hard way that separate was nowhere near equal.

A Changing World
Shades of Gray
In 1954, Josie Davenport, Paul Bergeron and their McKinley High School classmates were on the unnerving front line of integration.
 Video: Rebuilding McKinley

Class Struggle
Fear of Failing
The landmark decision in Brown v. Board is an appropriate moment to consider the implications of low expectations when it comes to African American and Hispanic students.

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