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High School Web Resources
Web Links Adolescence Directory Online is a guide to teen issues for parents, students, and teachers.
 High school and college planning information is provided by the Family Education Network.
Redefining Scholarship
Search Begins for College-Bound 'Posse'
In a conference room in the District's Columbia Heights neighborhood, 44 high school seniors eager for a tuition-free college education were asked a question: "What strategies would you use to start a discussion and keep a discussion going?"

In the News
AP Courses A Test for All: Some Would Judge Teachers by Scores (Post, July 8, 2004)

SEED's Harvest: For Monique Matthews and Other Grads, the Charter School Sowed Success (Post, June 30, 2004)

The Lost Freshmen: Many Students in Area Have to Repeat 9th Grade (Post, May 12, 2004)

Charting a New Vocational Course: Howard Classes Reflect Technical Education's Shift to Emphasize Academics (Post, Oct. 13, 2003)

New Year, New Standards: District High Schools Introduce Programs to Boost Achievement (Post, Sept. 3, 2003)

N.J. School Tackles A Political Football: Voters Go to Court to Stop Return to Gridiron (Post, Sept. 8, 2002)

Area Students Did the Math, SAT Scores Show: Numbers Flat on Test's Verbal Portion; Minority Gap Widens (Post, Aug. 28, 2002)

Exit Tests Hurt At-Risk Students: Report: Dropout Rates Could Increase for Poor, Minorities (Post, Aug. 14, 2002)

4-H Youth Summit Cultivates Urban Issues: Far From the Farm, Conference in D.C. Encourages Education, Political Activism (Post, July 20, 2002)

Libraries, Stores Face A Teenage Mystery: Changes Target Young Readers (Post, July 13, 2002)

College Board To Vote on An Overhaul Of the SAT: Shift Aimed at Measuring Learning in High School (Post, June 26, 2002)

Early PSATs Pushing More Students to Excel (Post, June 25, 2002)

Report Calls School Attack Plans Detectable (Post, May 18, 2002)

Extracurricular Thinking: Pr. George's Principal's Seminar Offers No Credit but Plenty of Reasoning (Post, May 14, 2002)

Abstinence Moves to the Head of the Class: Topic Gains Favor, And Funding, in Sex Education Courses (Post, April 24, 2002)

Jefferson High Triples Its Black, Latino Admissions (Post, April 9, 2002)

A Slipping Exchange Rate: Fewer Families Volunteer to Host Foreign Teens (Post, June 5, 2001)

Possible Test Leak Imperils AP Scores: Area Students Say They Saw Question Posted on Internet (Post, May 24, 2001)

Students Log On to a Brave New World: Who Needs to Visit the Library When Salinger Is Just a Click Away? (Post, May 16, 2001)

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