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 Minorities and Admission (Dec. 3, 2002)
From Findlaw
 6th Circuit Opinion (Grutter v. Bollinger, May 14, 2002)
 U.S. District Court Opinion (Grutter v. Bollinger, March 27, 2001)
 U.S. Supreme Court Decision (Univ. of California Regents v. Bakke, 1978)
University of Michigan
 Summary of the University's Legal Argument
 Undergraduate Admissions Policy
 Q & A on Undergraduate Admissions Policy
 Law School Admissions Policy (PDF)
 Q & A on Law School Admissions Policy
Center for Individual Rights
 On Challenge to University of Michigan's Policies
 Background on the Case
 Gratz v Bollinger
 Grutter v Bollinger
Universities Record Drop In Black Admissions
Despite winning a decision using race as an admissions factor, the U-Mich. joins other state universities in reporting a decline in number of incoming black students.
 Transcript: Minority Enrollment

In the News
Envisioning a New World of Admissions (Post, Jan. 27, 2004)

At Colleges, an Affirmative Reaction: After Rulings, Recruiters Take a More Inclusive Approach to Diversity (Post, Nov. 15, 2003)

U-Michigan Reveals New Policy: Provost Says Diversity Will Remain a Priority in Admissions (Post, Aug. 29, 2003)

In Court's Ruling, a Nod to Notion of a Broader Elite (Post, June 25, 2003)

Decision Means Most Colleges Will Stay Course (Post, June 24, 2003)

Brown + 50: The Fight Goes On: Elaine Jones's Latter-Day Battle (Post, June 23, 2003)

Appeals Court's Feud In Mich. Case Grows: Senior Judge Decries Charges of 'Rigging' (Post, June 12, 2003)

Diversity Or Division On Campus?: Minority Graduation Galas Highlight a Timely Issue (Post, May 19, 2003)

Wider Fallout Seen From Race-Neutral Admissions: Fewer Minority MDs, Lawyers May Be Result (Post, April 19, 2003)

Race-Neutral Policies Planned at Va. Tech: Board Chairman Makes Vow After Reversal of Affirmative Action Ban (Post, April 8, 2003)

O'Connor Questions Foes of U-Michigan Policy: Justice Seen as Holding Likely Swing Vote as Court Weighs Affirmative Action Cases (Post, April 2, 2003)

Admission Bias Charge Stirs Jefferson (Post, April 2, 2003)

A Defense Team of Thousands: Diverse Crowd Urges High Court to Protect Affirmative Action (Post, April 2, 2003)

Thousands Rally for Affirmative Action at High Court (Post, April 1, 2003; 3:19 PM)

Rally Sets Stage on Affirmative Action Cases: Arguments Are Today At Supreme Court (Post, April 1, 2003)

At U-Michigan, Minority Students Find Access -- and Sense of Isolation: Affirmative Action Debate Intensifies Emotions on Campus (Post, April 1, 2003)

At Boston U., 'Holistic' Admissions Venture Beyond Black and White: Struggle With Race Brings Scrutiny in U-Mich. Court Case (Post, March 30, 2003)

New Va. Tech Rules Rile Warner, Campus: Surprise Move By Board Halts Affirmative Action (Post, March 14, 2003)

Reexamining Minority Admissions: Supreme Court Case Prompts Some Area Colleges to Make Subtle Changes in Policy (Post, March 12, 2003)

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