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Officials examine the windows at Walker-Jones Elementary in D.C. Air quality in several city schools is so bad that parents, faculty members and administrators said children simply cannot learn. (James M Thresher - The Post)
School Pictures | Air Quality
What the District's Students Breathe 
At Walker-Jones Elementary School, about a block from where the D.C. Board of Education meets, irritants such as pigeon and rodent droppings and mold fouled the air so much that earlier this school year the principal and others took to wearing face masks to protect their health.
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SCHOOL PICTURES : Patterson Elementary
Newer Building, Brighter Attitude
D.C. fifth-grader Patrice Young doesn't need a research study to illustrate the contrast between going to school in a dim and dirty building and in a well-lighted, clean one. She knows from experience.

SCHOOL PICTURES : Shepherd Elementary School
Failing Windows Offer a Sorry View
Difficulties that D.C. schools have encountered while trying to get windows replaced underscores a key problem with facilities management, activists say.

School Pictures: Crisis at Coolidge
At Coolidge, the Flaws Run Deep
Calvin Coolidge still has asbestos in its walls, and the electrical wiring is original and blows out lightbulbs as fast as janitors can put them in.

One School Tells a System's Torment
Clifford B. Janey has seen some seriously degraded school buildings around the country, he said, but a tour of D.C.'s Bruce-Monroe Elementary School still gave him a shock.

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