HEALTH 7 Ways to Cope With Bullies

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Counselors Marilyn Towsey, left, and Katie Moffett lead a squad designed to stop bullying in middle schools. (Jay Paul - For The Washington Post)

Dealing With Bullies

If Your Child Was the Victim of a Bully, What Would You Do?

Talk to the Teacher
Talk to the Bully's Parents
Tell My Child to Stand Up to the Bully
Tell My Child to Ignore the Bully

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On The Web
Bully OnLine
Center for Safe Schools and Communities
Safe Child Program
National Crime Prevention Council
No Bullies
The Doctor's Office: The Child Who Bullies
Message Boards
Bullying and Other Health Issues
Share Your Success
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Archive of Readers' Changes
A New Program
'Blueprints' Aims to Reduce Bullying 
A new program in Ashland, Va., is changing the culture of schools in an attempt to reduce bullying.
 What is Your Opinion?

Long-Term Scars
No Beating Bullies
Researchers find that it is difficult to rid schools of a problem that has dire consequences not just for the children being taunted but for the bullies as well.
 Famous Survivors of Bullies

By the Numbers
Survey: 30% of Children Involved in Bullying
Thirty percent of U.S. students in grades six through 10 are involved in moderate or frequent bullying -- as bullies, as victims, or as both.

Telling Their Story
Students Speak Up
A very important issue today is whether it is a student's social responsibility to defuse bullying among classmates.

A Common Problem
Bully Be-Gone
There's nothing new about bullying. It's probably gone on as long as there have been kids. And, unfortunately, there's nothing rare about bullying.

Adult Interface
Take Care of That Bully From the Get-Go
Learning to read the early warning signs and target bully-victim situations may save a child from psychological or physcial intimidation.

When it Happens to Your Child
A Little Closer to Home
You read and hear about bullies at school and in the neighborhood but what happens when it is your child?

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