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Don't worry about losing weight, your job is to maintain the status quo until New Year's.
If you want to eat less this holiday season, there's a simple solution: Eat more. Eat more from the fruit bowl and vegetable tray, that is. A growing number of studies suggest that loading up on fruit and vegetables lowers calorie consumption without increasing hunger.

The Holiday Challenge
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Transcript: Want to eat healthier and get better but not bigger? Washington Post health and nutrition writer Sally Squires answered your questions.

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Week 5
Stressing the Alternatives
To help control stress-eating this holiday season, reach into the cookie jar.
 Discussion Transcript: Week 5

Week 4
For Holiday Energy, Eat This
Will you sail through the holidays this year at optimal performance with energy to spare? Or will you struggle through feeling tired, stressed, cranky and burdened by extra pounds?
 Discussion Transcript: Week 4

Week 3
Plan to Be Successful
The key to a holiday season without added pounds could be planning ahead to avoid the holiday temptations.
 Discussion Transcript: Week 3

Week 2
The Day of the Turkey
Week Two of the Holiday Challenge comes at a time when we're all looking into the belly of the Thanksgiving Day beast.
 Discussion Transcript: Week 2

Week 1
Holiday Challenge 2004
The goal is simply to keep the bathroom scale stable through the holidays.
 Video: Getting Started
 Prepare for the Challenge
 Discussion Transcript: Week 1

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