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Living With AIDS
Laurita Patten lives with the physical, emotional and mental strain of fighting AIDS. (Carol Guzy)
General Education Sites
 National Pediatric and Family HIV Resource Center
 Red Cross: on HIV and AIDS Education
 Journal of the American Medical Association: HIV/AIDS Information
 Freqently Asked Questions on AIDS/HIV
 HIV InSite
 National Survey of Teens on HIV/AIDS
 Sex Education in the Classroom
 HIV Prevention Plan from the CDC
 AEGIS: General AIDS/HIV information and news compendium
 HIV Treatment Information
 Project Inform: Patient Education
Government Resources
 White House Office of National AIDS Policy
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Prevention Information Network
 CDC: Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention
 National Institutes of Health: Guide to HIV/AIDS Information Services
 World Health Organization Communicable Disease Surveilance and Response
 United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS
 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Division of AIDS
 Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau
Health Tools and Tips
Web Links Understanding HIV Testing
 Learning That You're HIV Positive
 Immune System Basics
 Monitoring Your Immune System
 Nutrition Tips
 How to stay fit
 Mental health issues
 HIV Treatment Information
 Travel Tips
 Caring for someone with AIDS
Special Report
 AIDS in Africa
 The Body Hunters
In the News
Global Health Corps Proposed to Fight AIDS (Post, April 20, 2005)

GAO Criticizes FDA On Spermicide Labels That Omit AIDS Risk (Post, April 12, 2005)

Use of AIDS Medicine Might Be Altered to Avert Drug Resistance (Post, Feb. 26, 2005)

A Crushing Choice for Ethiopian Mothers With HIV: Facing Death, Women Leave Children at Orphanages (Post, Feb. 19, 2005)

AIDS Case in N.Y. May Not Be a Harbinger of Supervirus: Drug-Resistant HIV Strain Shows Similarities to Virus in Canadian Patients Who Were Successfully Treated (Post, Feb. 19, 2005)

HIV Superstrain Surfaces in N.Y. (Post, Feb. 12, 2005)

U.S. HIV Cases Soaring Among Black Women: Social Factors Make Group Vulnerable (Post, Feb. 7, 2005)

Foreign Drugs Approved For Anti-AIDS Program: Decision Means Treatment for More (Post, Jan. 26, 2005)

Study: Many Blacks Cite AIDS Conspiracy: Prevention Efforts Hurt, Activists Say (Post, Jan. 25, 2005)

U.S. Recommends AIDS Drug Regimen for Rape Victims (Post, Jan. 21, 2005)

In S. Africa, Stigma Magnifies Pain of AIDS: Many Still See Disease as Fatal, Shameful (Post, Jan. 14, 2005)

HIV/AIDS in Russia May Be Triple Official Rate, Report Warns (Post, Jan. 12, 2005)

AIDS Groups Expand Services to Other Sufferers: Diversifying Brings Funds and Complaints (Post, Dec. 27, 2004)

Dose of Prevention Where HIV Thrives: Nigeria Brothel Is Test Site for New Pill (Post, Dec. 22, 2004)

Research Flawed on Key AIDS Medicine: Bush Had Planned Its Use in Africa (Post, Dec. 14, 2004)

In China, an About-Face on AIDS Prevention: Once-Reluctant Government Increasingly Promoting Efforts to Battle Spread of Disease (Post, Dec. 8, 2004)

HIV Increasing Faster Among Women Than Men, Report Finds (Post, Nov. 24, 2004)

Maker Removes Generic AIDS Drugs From Approved List (Post, Nov. 10, 2004)

In Postwar Era, Angolans Now Face Threat Of HIV-AIDS (Post, Sept. 19, 2004)

U.S. May Increase Global Disease Funds (Post, Aug. 19, 2004)

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