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 "Alzheimer's Disease Process," from the Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center or the National Institute on Aging. (56K modem)
 "Alzheimer's Disease Process" (28K modem)
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Another Painkiller Linked to Heart Risk
NIH researchers uncovered the potential problem with naproxen, an Aleve ingredient, last Friday during a quick review of data from a large, ongoing Alzheimer's disease study.
 Video: Aleve Risks Cited

In the News
Medicare Will Pay for Alzheimer's Scan: Doubts About Technology Lead Agency to Cover Only Some Patients (Post, Sept. 17, 2004)

Illuminating a Dark Path Ahead: For Va. Man With Alzheimer's, End of Reagan's Life Hints at Future (Post, June 13, 2004)

Into the Darkness of the Mind: Alzheimer's Cost U.S. Businesses About $61 Billion Last Year (, Dec. 2, 2003; 2:19 PM)

FDA Approves Alzheimer's Drug: Mix of Old and New Medicines Helps Even Severe Cases (Post, Oct. 18, 2003)

Study Links Excess Weight To Likelihood of Alzheimer's: Risk Increases in Women Overweight at 70 (Post, July 15, 2003)

Mind Games May Trump Alzheimer's: Study Cites Effects Of Bridge, Chess (Post, June 19, 2003)

Dropped Alzheimer's Drug Reversed Disease in Some (Post, May 22, 2003)

Drug Shows Promise in Treating Alzheimer's: Worst Stages Helped, New Studies Suggest (Post, April 3, 2003)

Struggling to Avoid Alzheimer's Legacy: Patients' Relatives Try Vitamins, Mental Exercises (Post, Feb. 23, 2003)


With Police Help, a Safe Return: Area Officers Seek To Improve Response When Alzheimer's Patients Go Astray (Post, Feb. 20, 2003)

Body's First Defense May Be Root of Diseases: Cancer, Even Alzheimer's, May Begin With Inflammation (Post, Feb. 16, 2003)

Gene Variation Appears to Affect Humans' Ability to Remember: Data Could Lead Someday to Doctors' Ability to Predict Such Brain-Destroying Diseases as Parkinson's (Post, Jan. 24, 2003)

Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's (Post, Dec. 17, 2002)

An Uncertain Inheritance: Enrolled in the Same Alzheimer's Study as Her Late Father, She Hopes for a Better Outcome (Post, Dec. 17, 2002)

Reagan's Condition Said to Be Worsening (Post, Aug. 11, 2002)

Charlton Heston Reveals He May Have Alzheimer's: 'Please Feel No Sympathy For Me,' Actor Tells Fans (Post, Aug. 10, 2002)

Creator of Dear Abby Has Alzheimer's (Post, Aug. 7, 2002)

Where to Get Help (Post, July 16, 2002)

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