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Therapies for Menopause May Be Overused, Panel Says
American women may be overusing treatments for symptoms of menopause, including hormone therapies that can pose a risk, a National Institutes of Health consensus panel said yesterday.

In the News
Metro: In Brief (Post, March 14, 2005)

Bird Flu Called Global Human Threat: Asia Outbreak Poses 'Gravest Possible Danger,' U.N. Official Says, Urging Controls (Post, Feb. 24, 2005)

Thai Farmers Worry Controls On Bird Flu Threaten Livelihoods: Duck Herders Told Flocks Could Be Infecting Other Animals (Post, Feb. 13, 2005)

As SE Asian Farms Boom, Stage Set for a Pandemic: Conditions Ripe for Spread of Bird Flu (Post, Feb. 5, 2005)

Federal Officials To Expand List Of Who Should Get Flu Vaccine (Post, Dec. 18, 2004)

Death in Thailand May Mark Progression of 'Bird Flu' (Post, Sept. 29, 2004)

Canada to Kill Millions of Birds as Flu Spreads (Post, April 6, 2004)

Live Bird Markets Stir Poultry Industry's Flu Fears (Post, March 25, 2004)

Eastern Shore Farmers Grapple With Avian Flu Outbreak (Post, March 9, 2004)

Md. Bans Live Poultry Sales as a Precaution: Avian Flu Prompts Call for Federal Help (Post, Feb. 12, 2004)

China Suspects More Outbreaks of Bird Flu: 14 Areas Across Nation May Be Affected; Late Disclosure of SARS Case Draws Concern (Post, Feb. 2, 2004)

Thailand Concedes Missteps on Bird Flu: Prime Minister Urges Transparency, Cooperation Following Denials of Outbreak (Post, Jan. 29, 2004)

Thailand Admits Mistakes in Handling of Bird Flu Outbreak (Post, Jan. 28, 2004; 12:06 PM)

Strategy on Bird Flu Has Human Risks, Officials Say: Lack of Safeguards In Poultry Slaughter May Help Alter Virus (Post, Jan. 28, 2004)

Thai Boy Dies From Bird Flu: Indonesia Reports Spread of Virus (Post, Jan. 26, 2004)

A Horror Script For Health Officials: Bird Flu Poses Global Epidemic Threat (Post, Jan. 25, 2004)

Two Thai Children Infected With Often Deadly Bird Flu (Post, Jan. 24, 2004)

Vietnamese Child Latest Bird Flu Fatality: Millions of Chickens Slaughtered in Asia to Prevent Spread of Dangerous Virus (Post, Jan. 18, 2004)

'Bird Flu' Leaves 12 People Dead in Vietnam, WHO Says (Post, Jan. 14, 2004)

Flu Virus From Bird Infects Boy in Asia: Experts Worried About Global Pandemic (Post, Dec. 14, 2003)

In Chinese Village, Few Clues to Illness: Researchers 'Looking for Magic Bullet' (Post, April 9, 2003)

Heat Curbs Area's Avian Flu Epidemic (Post, June 28, 2002)

Hong Kong Kills Fowl to Halt Bird Flu (Post, May 20, 2001)

`Bird Flu' Antibodies Found in Health Workers (Post, Feb. 24, 1998)

`Bird Flu' Crisis Called Over (Post, Jan. 24, 1998)

`Bird Flu' Virus Found in Ducks, Geese, WHO Says (Post, Jan. 17, 1998)

6th Victim Dies in `Bird Flu' Contagion (Post, Jan. 16, 1998)

`Bird Flu' Claims 5th Victim in Hong Kong (Post, Jan. 15, 1998)

Labs Struggle With Mysteries of Avian Virus (Post, Jan. 11, 1998)

Hong Kong to Compensate Poultry Industry (Post, Jan. 10, 1998)

World Responds Swiftly to Track `Bird Flu' Spread (Post, Jan. 11, 1998)

14th `Bird Flu' Case Confirmed in Hong Kong (Post, Jan. 2, 1998)

Hong Kong Acts to Combat Spread, Fears of Deadly `Bird Flu' (Post, Dec. 18, 1997)

Bird Flu Kills Teenager in Hong Kong (Post, Dec. 22, 1997)

`Bird Flu' Hospitalizes 11th Victim in Hong Kong (Post, Dec. 23, 1997)

4th Flu Victim Dies (Post, Dec. 24, 1997)

More Avian Flu Cases in Hong Kong (Post, Dec. 26, 1997)

`Bird Flu' Origin, How It Spreads Remain Mysteries (Post, Dec. 28, 1997)

Hong Kong Killing All Chickens In Fight Against `Bird Flu' Virus (Post, Dec. 29, 1997)

Hong Kong Destroys Its Chickens (Post, Dec. 30, 1997)

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