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(By William Duke for The Washington Post)
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Colon Cancer Tests: The Best and the Rest
People should view colon-screening tests as they would any screening test, "just like women get Pap smears or mammograms," said Radhika Srinivasan, a University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine professor who helped develop new guidelines for colorectal screening. Her group's report suggests that African Americans start getting colonoscopies at age 45, five years earlier than other people.

In the News
Cancer: Test Blacks Sooner: New Guidelines Advise Colon Screen at 45 to Curb Deaths (Post, March 29, 2005)

Cancer Effort Enlists Barbers: Prostate Awareness Program Focuses on African American Men (Post, March 28, 2005)

Treatment for Prostate Cancer Shows Promise: Vaccine in Study Pushed Immune System to Attack Tumors, Allowing Patients to Live Longer (Post, Feb. 17, 2005)

Va. Boy's Biopsy Finds No Cancer: EBay Auction Helped Defray Medical Costs (Post, Feb. 16, 2005)

What if the Cure is Also a Cause?: The Same Chemo Drugs That Save Some Cancer Patients' Lives Put Health Workers at Risk (Post, Feb. 15, 2005)

New Drug Shows Promise in Cutting Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence (Post, Dec. 9, 2004)

Split Decision: A New Effort Aims to Sway Breast Cancer Patients to Opt for Conservative Rather Than Radical Surgery (Post, Oct. 19, 2004)

For Some Lumpectomy Patients, a More Convenient Treatment (Post, Oct. 19, 2004)

Toppling Taboo to Warn Teens of Disease: Testicular Cancer Survivor Tells of Danger, Detection (Post, Oct. 14, 2004)

Antioxidant Pills Questioned, Again: Controversial Analysis Finds Supplements Have Little Benefit, Possible Harm (Post, Oct. 12, 2004)

Birth of Child Called First From Frozen Ovarian Tissue (Post, Sept. 24, 2004)

Mr. Don't-Fix-It: Nine Really Dumb (If Well-Intentioned) Things a Guy Tends to Do When the Woman in His Life Has Breast Cancer (Post, Sept. 21, 2004)

How to Kill Cancer So It Doesn't Grow Back: Quest Seems as Elusive as Hercules's Second Labor (Post, Aug. 30, 2004)

Safety in Numbers: When Fighting Prostate Cancer, the 'Wisdom of Crowds' Trumps Any One Expert's Opinion (Post, Aug. 24, 2004)

Sharp Change in Cancer Test Results May Clarify: Treat Prostate or Wait? (Post, July 8, 2004)

Widely Used Test Often Misses Prostate Cancer, Researchers Report (Post, May 27, 2004)

Vitamin E May Curb Cancer Risk (Post, March 29, 2004)

Wanted: A Test With Less Recoil: Every Attempt to Create Sensitive but Less Unpleasant Colon Cancer Screen, Including the Latest, Falls Short (Post, March 9, 2004)

New Type of Cancer Drug Approved: FDA Hails Therapy That Starves Tumors by Blocking Their Blood Supply (Post, Feb. 27, 2004)

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