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Just because you were taught to do exercises a certain way long ago doesn't make it right today. (Library of Congress)
A Walking Cure
Could the path to emotional health be as simple as a 30-minute weekend walk in the park?

Everything You Learned Is Wrong 
Many of the standard exercises and stretches you used to do in gym class have been modified to reduce stress on joints and muscles.
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Heated Competition
For every step they logged one way, we calculated expanded energy. Who is the champion calorie killer?

IB or Not IB?
It is college visiting time. Many teenagers and their parents are crowding into university offices this summer to hear admissions directors speak lucidly of the joys of higher education. The college officials are very good at their jobs. They are well-educated, well-spoken and well-dressed. They give every sign of having the deepest understanding of the applicants and the high schools they come from.

Gradual Fitness
Slowly building up to higher levels of exercise reduces risk of injury and builds endurance.

Run? Walk? Both!
Injured runner turned to walking as an alternative and loved it.

A New Twist
Pilates, puh-leese. Try Gyrokinesis, a movement system that claims to "stretch and strengthen the body," affording a greater range of motion than Pilates in a less static form than yoga.

Weight Lifting
Is Slow the Way to Go?
Some weight lifters find that slower repetitions mean faster strength and muscle build-up.

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