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Jim Hage is a marathoner with a gripe. With road races getting so popular, he feels walkers are crowding runners out of limited slots. (Michael Lutzky - The Washington Post)

A Reason to Run

What is your main goal when running?


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Archive of Readers' Changes
A Running Feud
Marathon Groups Split 
Across the country, marathons are attracting two types of runner: serious athletes and newcomers that think the elite runners are smug and narrow-minded.

For the Fun of it
The Course Is Big Enough for All of Us
Marathon coach Thomas G. Martin likes to help first-timers go the distance, however slowly.

Racing Against Time
Not Here to Compete? Stay Home
Self-described running nut Jim Hage says non-racers belong on non-marathon courses.

Run? Walk? Both!
Injured runner turned to walking as an alternative and loved it.

Health and Wellness
Still Running After All These Years
Running is more popular than ever as the elitist, "faster-is-better" mentality has been replaced by a kinder, gentler approach with less emphasis on competition and more focus on health.

Training Tips
Warming Up With the Fittest Man
Whether running for fun or for the competition here are some steps to get you started.

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