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Paul Gelsinger, with patient Eric Kast, left, and Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), center, testifies at a Senate hearing. (Ray Lustig - The Post)

Trying to Lose Weight?

What is the most tempting food or drink over the holidays?

Holiday cookies
Fresh baked dessert
Chocolate/fudge or other candy
Hors d'oeuvres
Alcoholic beverages
None of the above

View results without voting.

This is an unscientific survey of users. This is not a Washington Post poll, which uses randomly selected interview responses and other statistically valid survey techniques to measure public opinion.

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It's important to consider the glycemic index when constructing a healthful weight loss program, a new book says. The problem is: What's the glycemic index?

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Low-carbers have thrown off the yoke of low-fat imperialismdespite the stern disapproval of the medical establishment.

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With scripture and with prayer Sonia Huntley lost 30 pounds in 11 weeks. She is one of many who are using the Christian-based weight loss program called the Weigh Down Diet.

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Federal nutrition guidelines proposed Thursday would for the first time clearly distinguish between fats to eat and fats to avoid.

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