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John Bliss and his daugther Maile (13 y old) practicing indoor rockclimbing at SportRock Gym in Alexandria. Original Filename: family1.jpg (Juana Arias - The Washington Post)
Tools for Parents
 Some Tips: How to make fitness fit into your family.
 Take the Test: Are you doing all that you can to be healthier?
 Fun Fitness: A few choice locations for fun and health.
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 Health Section on Fitness: Related articles, tools and tips
 Outdoors and Fitness: Activities Directory
 KidsPost: The Best of Sports Stuff
 Kid-o-Rama: Fun Fitness Options
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 KidsHealth: Nutrition and Fitness Information
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How to Make It Fit: Ideas for Keeping the Family Active
Experts make the following suggestions for families who want to fit in fitness:

From the Family Health Issue
Making Families Fit
Parents who make exercise a rule can help kids create healthy habits that last into adulthood.
 Family Health and Fitness

A Question of Vaccines
Shots in the Dark?
If you're the parent of young children, you can hardly fail to have noticed. All that smoke and fire around you is the heating up of childhood vaccination issues.

Eating Right Column
'Child-Onset' Diabetes
The bad news is that children and adolescents are experiencing a steep rise in type 2 diabetes--the kind that used to be referred to as "adult-onset" diabetes.

Quick Study
Studies on Pregnancy, Arthritis and More
The latest findings on the effects of having a vaginal delivery after a cesarean as well as a look at new drugs for treating arthritis. Also, a study look at how alcohol affects bone loss. Other studies are also reviewed.

Yoga, Talk Therapy Hybrid Has Supporters in a Twist
The Post Health section studies some current trends and events in health, including a look at therapy with a yoga twist, and a new purpose for Prozac.

Second Opinion
On the Trail of Autism
Post Health columnist Abigail Trafford looks at the heartbreaking effects of autism, and reveals how her younger brother was born with this developmental condition.

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