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Francine Haight found her son Ryan dead in his bedroom. He overdosed on drugs he had bought online. (Fred Greaves - For The Washington Post)
 Video: Overdosing Online.
Part 1:
A Vast, Unregulated Shadow Market

Prescription Drug System Under Attack
Americans once had the world's safest system for distributing prescription drugs, but now that system is undercut by a growing illegal trade in pharmaceuticals.
 Clan Led From Riches to Prison
 Higher Prices, More Compromises
 Md. Salesman Fell Into Shadow
 Web Only: Profits in Market's Flaws

Part 2:
How the Internet Became a Pipeline for Deadly Drugs

Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged
The Internet has become a pipeline for narcotics and other deadly drugs. Customers can pick from a vast array of painkillers, antidepressants, stimulants and steroids with few controls and virtually no medical monitoring.
 Internet Case Studies
 Web Only: Couple's Internet Ride Ends Behind Bars
 First Day's Stories

Part 3:
Dangerous Doctors Online

Doctors Medicate Strangers on Web
Across America, doctors beset by troubled histories work for rogue Internet pharmacies, grinding out tens of thousands of prescriptions each year for narcotics and other controlled substances.
 Experimentation Turns Deadly
 Web Doctor Says He Did No Harm
 Victim Profiles
 Web Only:Internet Doctor Awaits Sentencing
 Video: Overdosing Online

Part 4 :
The Shadow Market & Counterfeit Drugs

Criminals Invade the Supply Chain
At a time when more Americans are relying on medication, their chances of receiving a drug that is fake, diluted or mislabeled has never been so great.
 Medicaid Is Start of Drug Resale Trail
 Nevada Gets Tough, With Mixed Results

Part 5:
Our Porous Borders With Mexico and Canada

Millions Look Outside U.S. for Drugs
Mexico, Canada and other countries have become the discount pharmacies for many Americans, those looking simply to save money as well as the uninsured struggling to pay for their medications.
 Canada Used as Discount Pharmacy
 Video: Drugs Sold South of Border
 Web Only:Border Cases

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