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Roe v. Wade
 Roe v. Wade: Full text of the Supreme Court ruling, provided by Findlaw.
 How the Pill Works
Abortion Pill
 FDA News Release on Approval
 FDA Approval Letter
 FDA Q & A on Mifepristone (RU 486)
 FDA Medication Guide on Mifepristone
Live Online
 Live Online Transcript: Eleanor Smeal, co-founder and president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, answered questions about the recent FDA approval of the abortion pill RU486.
 Live Online Transcript: Susan Willis, assistant director of programs for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops shared the pro-life view on the abortion pill.
Abortion Foe to Be Reappointed to FDA Panel
A physician who is an outspoken opponent of abortion will be reappointed to the Food and Drug Administration's advisory panel on reproductive drugs despite loud protests from abortion rights advocates in Congress and the women's health community.

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