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The Garden Guide
Plan the perfect garden with this interactive guide, adapted from The Washington Post Garden Book by Adrian Higgins. Use our blooming calendar, learn about landscape design and garden tools, and find out which flowers and herbs will thrive.
The Bulb Guide
Find out about varieties, color, height and bloom dates for tulips, daffodils, lilies and minor bulbs.
The Gardening Quiz
Do you prefer formal, informal, gourmet or natural gardens? Find out what garden style is right for you.
Organic Gardening
Go green in your garden with our help.
Pest Control Solutions
Organic Fungicides and Herbicides
Organic Pesticides
Organic Gardening on the Web

1/09: During a thaw, water the root zones of sheltered conifers, including groundcovers and broadleaf evergreens. Evergreens under the eaves of buildings might not get the winter watering they need, says the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service.
Guide to Roses
Learn more about choosing, planting and caring for roses that can survive nicely and integrate well with other plants in the Washington garden.
Post Garden Columns
Gourmet Gardener
Adrienne Cook offers tips and features on how to turn your home into a produce isle.
Digging In
Scott Aker, a horticulturist at the U.S. National Arboretum, answers questions about growing things.

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