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Academy Awards: Beauty and Fashion's fashion and beauty editor Janet Bennett and People magazine beauty editor Eleni Gage join forces to talk about what the stars wore and how they looked.

The Wammies
The Wammies are coming. See what Washington Area Music Association president Mike Schreibman and Strathmore Music Center VP Shelley Brown have to say about the upcoming awards show.

Best Music 2004 music critic Joe Heim revealed his best picks for music and performances of the year. Post yours and read others.

The End of the Moon
Performance artist Laurie Anderson will talk about her new solo work, "The End of the Moon," and her concert at Lisner Auditorium on Thursday.

'Healing the Divide': Bringing Technology to Tibet
Renowned composer and conductor Philip Glass discusses the "Healing the Divide" benefit concert and working with the Dalai Lama.

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