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Revisiting Washington

Courtland Milloy wants to hear from you! After 27 years as a Metro reporter and columnist for The Washington Post, Courtland Milloy is retracing his steps, revisiting many of the people he's written about and updating their stories. Read more.

Video: Revisiting Washington

Live Online
 Courtland Milloy answered questions on his experiences as a Metro columnist. Read the transcript.
The Debut Column
 Barry: Power and Pomp This Time (The Washington Post, 1/5/83)
From the Archives
 Finding the Faith for a Miracle (The Washington Post, 2/13/94)
 Answering the Call of Trouble (The Washington Post, 10/20/85)
 A Visit to a Boy With a Snakebit Childhood (The Washington Post, 5/4/83)
Searching for...

Courtland Milloy would like to find the following people for an update on their stories. Can you help? E-mail him at

In 1991, 27-year-old Larry Tolson was raising his nine children alone in Barry Farms. (Read the column.) Where is he now?

In 1994, Skylar Byrd, a 10th-grader at Banneker High, and David Thurston, a junior at Wilson High, earned perfect scores on the PSAT. (Read the column.) Where are they now?

In 1987, Tyrone Ford was a 13-year-old "Gospel Wonder Boy," who was just starting to get mixed up with the wrong crowd. A few years later, he was accused of stealing Mayor Marion Barry's car. (Read the column.) Where is he now?

In 1991, Eric Hale, then a student at School Without Walls, was named best young Shakespearean actor in Washington. (Read the column.) Where is he now?

In 1992, budding songwriter Jervon Burns, 15, lost his songbook in a house fire. (Read the column.) What is he up to these days?

In 1994, 7-year-old Brandon Green was shopping with his mom at Union Station when he witnessed a man being killed. He'd be 15 now. (Read the column.) Any idea where he is?

A Look Back at January 1983
January 5, 1983

How have things changed in almost 20 years? Revisit the day that Courtland Milloy's column began, with:

The front page of The Washington Post

The front page of the District Weekly

1983 Facts About the District

Top Films | Top Music

Top 10 Stories of 1983

Courtland Milloy's column began in 1983 and deals primarily with issues that affect the lives of African Americans. He works to keeps our eyes on the prize – a better city for all its people. He can be reached at (202) 334-7592 or by e-mail at Read more about him.

Little Reasons To Stop for School Buses
Enjoying a drive along an open stretch of road near my home in Fort Washington yesterday, I saw an oncoming school bus with warning lights flashing and those mechanical stop signs emerging from the sides.

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